Bypass Los Santos Customs Sell Timer – GTAV

Bypass Los Santos Customs Sell TimerIf you've got a PC, you can Bypass Los Santos Customs Sell Timer with a couple batch files. It allows you to sell duped cars, at full market value instead of waiting for the cooldown timer which gets you flagged as a dirty duper.

If you don't have a PC, you'll need to use the method posted here and just watch your timing.

Bypass Los Santos Customs Sell Timer

These steps to Bypass Los Santos Customs Sell Timer at Los Santos Customs is coming to you free, but you'll need to be a member to get the batch files. You can however still use this exploit to bypass the timer, you just have to figure out another way to pull off the exploit (shouldn't be that hard). 

  1. Drive your PV into LSC
  2. Sell your car and wait until your character spawns outside.
  3. Verify that the money was added to your bank account and force close GTA5 and GTAVLauncher the second you spawn outside. You have to force close the game before the little saving icon appears on the bottom right, which usually takes 3-5 seconds once you spawned outside. 
  4. Restart the game and repeat steps.

Obviously you must not have hit the daily limit already in order to sell a car. But this way you will not reach your limit and you can sell any number of cars you want.

Here are two scripts which might be helpful to automate the process of force closing GTAV and restarting it i.e. by assigning a key to that file and executing it by a keystroke. 

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