Car Dupe Exploit Method – GTAV

Car Dupe Exploit MethodFor those looking for the Car Dupe Exploit in GTA5, here it is. Over the last few days, I have been teaching you how to clean dirty dupe plates and keep your account safe from being flagged for selling duped cars. Now it's time to teach you to to do the actual dupe bug.

You're going to need a bunker, an MOC with the car you are duping in it, a facility with a free RH8 for each dupe you want to make. If you haven't got all that, come back when you do.

Car Dupe Exploit Method

Assuming you have everything already, you can start your Car Dupe Exploit. Remember the rules on selling, if you don't you're going to get flagged, and then you won't be able to sell cars for more than 2% of the value.

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This Car Dupe Exploit is confirmed working on PS4 and XBox1 (as of 6/6/18), you may need to slightly adjust step 5, for Windows or Linux. Let us know your success stories or if you did adjust step 5, how you did it, so that others can learn as well.

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