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Clean Dirty Dupe Plate MethodIf you've been duping cars for quick cash, and you have exceeded the recommended limits (see below), then you likely need to use this Clean Dirty Dupe Plate Method to clean the plate and make it so you can continue duping in GTAV.

If you don't clean the plate, then the cars you dupe will continue to lose value, and your account will remain flagged as a cheater. This Clean Dirty Dupe Plate Method removes that flag, if it's successful and lets you not only have custom plates again, but also allows you to sell duped vehicles for full price again.

Clean Dirty Dupe Plate Method - Limits

Before I show you the secret to the Clean Dirty Dupe Plate Method, I want to share some information on the frequency on using the dupe on your cars, to avoid having your plate flagged. It's really simple, but stops you from over-duplicating, to get to the point of being flagged as a cheater.

  • Do not sell 3 or more cars in any 120 minute time period.
  • You can sell 2, then wait 120 minutes to sell another or you can sell 1 car every 61 minutes.
  • Do not sell over 8 cars per 30 hours.

As long as you follow the above guidelines, you should be safe. It won't allow you to reap massive amounts of money, but it will keep you from being detected. 

Clean Dirty Dupe Plate Method - Dupe Detect

Dupe Detect tracks the last 30 vehicles you have used and also tracks vehicle sales for exact generic (non iFruit) license plates. If duplicate generic plates are detected, the game marks that specific plate as dupe detected. You immediately lose access to change to custom plates on the vehicle with detected plates. You will hit the Daily Limit message after the second dupe detected vehicle and then be restricted to 1 vehicle per 30 hour Limit. 

Note that dupe detect isn't shared between 1st & 2nd characters. But if you have a high exploit level already, dupe detect will lower the price of each sale until it hits 2% of the initial sale price. 

A background script enacted in March 2017 decreases the sale value of any vehicle if your Peak Exploit Level increased more than 3 up to 7 and it's decreased by the amount of dirty dupes you have.

  • 0 Dupes = 1:1
  • 1 Dirty Dupe = Sell_Value * 0.5
  • 2 Dirty Dupes = Sell_Value * 0.25
  • 3 Dirty Dupes = Sell_Value * 0.125
  • 4 Dirty Dupes = Sell_Value * 0.06
  • 5 or more Dirty Dupes = Sell_Value * 0.02

Clean Dirty Dupe Plate Method - The method

Ok, so now that you know how to avoid getting your plates tagged, and also what happens when you do have a Dirty Dupe, it's time to tell you how to clean the Dirty Dupe plate.

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If everything has gone well, you should now have cleaned plates and be ready to start over. Remember to follow the above rules, if you want to save yourself the hassle of having to clean the plates over and over with this Clean Dirty Dupe Plate Method.

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