Downgrade GTAV to 1.24 – Steam Version

Downgrade GTAV to 1.24Why would you want to Downgrade GTAV to 1.24? Well it's believed that when you Downgrade GTAV to 1.24 you can avoid the anti-cheat which might have been implemented into GTAV 1.26. Another reason to Downgrade GTAV to 1.24, is that not everyone has been able to connect to GTAV after the update, and when you Downgrade GTAV to 1.24, you will again be able to login and connect.


Please note however when you Downgrade GTAV to 1.24, you still will not be able to surpass the 1 billion lock on currency. This is a server side limitation to prevent cheaters. Nothing you do will allow you to get around this. Also, when you Downgrade GTAV to 1.24, there is no guarantee that you will not be caught from using cheats and game hacks. A good idea is to not use them blatantly, and only use them in single player mode.


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How to Downgrade GTAV to 1.24 - Steam Version


In order to Downgrade GTAV to 1.24, you will need to download a package and then install it. You also will need your original CDKey. If you don't have your CDKey, this might not work. However there is a way to find your CDKey if you are using Steam.


To find your GTAV Steam key, login to Steam, then right click on GTAV in your library. You should have an option to "View CDKey" or something along those lines.


Alright, now in order to Downgrade GTAV to 1.24, you need to download 3 files. I suggest you save them in a folder called "GTAV-Mods". You don't have to save it there, but using a place you can remember, will help. You need GTAV.exe, GTAVLauncher.exe, and Update.prf. You can get them all by clicking on those file names. I did them as individual uploads in case you need just one of them, and not the others. 


Temporary Downgrade GTAV to 1.24

If you plan to make this temporary, then it's also a good idea to make a copy of the version 1.26 files in another folder titled "Latest". This way, you can restore back to 1.26 easily.Once all the files are downloaded and placed in your folders, just copy the version 1.24 files to the main directory. Eventually, you will be asked to upgrade to the new version. Whenever you want the new version back, just copy the files from latest back to the main directory. 

Remember, you need to updates your "Latest" directory, any time there is a new patch.

Semi-Permanent Downgrade GTAV to 1.24

Once the files are all downloaded, we need to force GTAV to allow us to patch it to a previous version. We do this by crashing the client. Once you crash it, you will see a screen like this "GTAV crashed, do you want to start Safe Mode or Retry?" If you don't know how to do this, leave a reply in the comments. So start GTAV normally, crash it, leave the Launcher screen with safe mode there and not click anything. Exchange current GTAV.exe and update.rpf with the old files and press "retry".



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