GTAV External Multihack – Origin Hacks v2

GTAV External MultihackThe GTAV External Multihack is for SocialClub only. Consider this GTAV External Multihack to be the ultimate game hack, as really there is little to want for. Everything from making you undamaged to allowing you to fire your weapon without the need to reload, to walking on air, to speed running through the entire map. But wait! There's more. Check out the entire features of the GTAV External Multihack below.

Using this in any other manner than in SocialClub could get you banned or suspended. As with all hacks, use at your own risk!

GTAV External Multihack Features :


  • Full godmode
  • Semi godmode
  • Fill health
  • Fill armor
  • Suicide
  • Run speed
  • Swim speed
  • Wanted level
  • Freeze wanted level
  • No clip
  • Name changer
  • Crew tag changer
  • Superjump
  • Walk on air
  • No ragdoll


  • Explosive melee
  • Infinite ammo
  • No reload
  • Explosive ammo
  • Fire ammo
  • God bullets
  • Rubber bullets
  • Shotgun mode
  • Weapon damage
  • Weapon spread
  • Recoil error time
  • Recoil recover rate
  • Force1
  • Force2
  • Force ped
  • Force vehicle
  • Force heli
  • Batch
  • Batch spread
  • Min headshot range
  • Max headshot range
  • Reload speed
  • Reload speed vehicle


  • Full godmode
  • Semi godmode
  • Fill vehicle health
  • Teleport to last used vehicle
  • Teleport to near vehicle
  • Primary paint options (Local / only save able when you have crew color)
  • Secondary paint options (Local / only save able when you have crew color)
  • Gravity
  • Mass
  • Acceleration
  • Suspension
  • Up shift
  • Down shift
  • Line grip
  • Corner grip
  • Drive force

Teleport options:

  • Teleport to waypoint
  • Teleport to waypoint (High)
  • Teleport to objective
  • Teleport to 80+ preset locations
  • Create and teleport to custom locations


  • Hour (SP only)
  • Minute (SP only)
  • World speed


  • RaceHack
  • RPHack
  • Timetrial hack
  • Public solo lobby


  • Change menu position
  • Set shortcuts

GTAV External Multihack Installation :

Just drop the folder in the zip onto your desktop.

GTAV External Multihack Controls:

  1. F5 Show/Hide menu
  2. F12 Shutdown the hack

NoClip Controls

  • Use I to go forward
  • Use K to go backward
  • Use J to go right
  • Use L to go left
  • Use U to go up
  • Use O to go down

GTAV External Multihack Download

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