GTAV Release Date – PC – XBoxOne – PS4


GTAV Release Date for PC, XBoxOne, and PS4

The GTAV Release Date for PC, XBoxOne, and PS4 has been set, kinda. GTAV Release DateWe know that all 3 versions of the new and improved GTAV are supposed to be released sometime after January 27th, 2015. We also know there will be a pre-order bonus of $1M in game cash and more of everything in terms of graphics and sounds. 

All three versions of the game will feature 'major visual and technical upgrades' which should have Los Santos and Blaine County looking and feeling better than ever. Some of the changes including increased draw distances and higher resolution to suit the more powerful machines. Rockstar's also added new weapons, vehicles, and activities - sort of compensation for the long wait, perhaps. There's also going to be additional wildlife, more dense traffic flow, a new foliage system (we can hardly wait), and upgraded weather effects.

The revamped title will also have access to 100 new radio songs and DJ mixes. Of course, I still prefer Soundcloud over anything that a game can give me, but for those who haven't found the joy of choosing whatever you want to listen to you, heres to you anyways.

Note I do have some slightly conflicting information on the GTAV Release Date, however this news source has been known to be wrong in the past. They stated a release date for Grand Theft Auto V - PC to be Dec 31, 2014, Grand Theft Auto V - XBox1  to be November 14th, and Grand Theft Auto V-PS4 to also be November 14th, 2014. Which date for the GTAV Release Date is correct, honestly I can't tell you, but I am leaning more towards the January release date. However I strongly suggest pre-ordering your console version as soon as possible so that you don't miss out on the bonus in-game cash for whenever the official GTAV Release Date does hit.

Good News for PS3 and XBox360 GTAV players, if you purchased the new console, you can migrate your already established characters and possessions over to the new console version as well, after the GTAV Release Date. If you still haven't decided which console to get, let me assure you that the PS4 is leading in sales and thus titles, however the XBoxOne will be having a new promotion starting next week to get a free game (upto $60 value) with the purchase of a new Xbox One.

Check out the new GTAV trailer below, titled "A picket fence and a dog named skip".

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