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GTAV Stealth MoneyhackThis GTAV Stealth Moneyhack for Grand Theft Auto V, will grant you $25k everytime to kill a pedestrian. It's considered stealth, because it will not just give you money at the press of a button. Instead, you need to initiate a trigger - in this case the death of a pedestrian which triggers the transaction.

Alternatively, you can also pick up moneybags, which will also grant $25k per bag. However to generate a lot of them, a moneybag drop if you will, requires an alternative hack - which for the purpose of stealth is not included in this GTAV Stealth Moneyhack.

GTAV Stealth Moneyhack

  1. Download the GTAV Stealth Moneyhack files (see below)
  2. Start GTA V
  3. Open an injector
  4. Select the "stealth.dll"
  5. Press the inject button. You can inject this dll while the game is loading or when it's already loaded (SP or MP, it doesn't matter)
  6. Kill a pedestrian or pickup a money bag somehow to get $25000 each time.

GTAV Stealth Moneyhack Controls:

  • When you inject the GTAV Stealth Moneyhack, the hack will be already active. 
  • You can press INSERT to disable it, and you can press it again to reactivate it.

GTAV Stealth Moneyhack Notes

  • This method is currently safe and Rockstar can't detect it easily.
  • It was created for v1.41 of the game, but may work for later versions as well.
  • Didn't use sudomod or another invoker, no useless stuff here.
  • The game log will show you received $2000, but in fact you will receive $25k. This is another stealth measure.
  • You can use another game hack to drop moneybags, but if you use it, and it gets detected, you will get banned.
  • Since you no longer need to worry about money, take a little time for yourself.

Download GTAV Stealth Moneyhack

Warning: As with all game hacks, bots, and cheat tables, it's a good idea not to show off, nor use it around other people who are playing. Don't even tell or show friends, otherwise a ban hammer could hit you.

We recommend the following for anti-detection of game hacks and bots. Run daily on the original downloads!

Now onto the download...

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GTAV Stealth Moneyhack created by d3sk1ng


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