GTAV Zombie Mod

GTAV Zombie ModThis GTAV Zombie Mod, brings you to the edge of civilization as the zombies have nearly taken over. It's the feature that has been requested from Rockstar Games but never realized. You've survived San Andreas, but now from nowhere zombies have decided you are in their playground, and are going to be added to the buffet - as its main course! Encounter zombies and kill them, before they eat your brains. Take back your city... if you can.

GTAV Zombie Mod


  • Z - Start Game
  • X - Kill Game

Gamepad Controls

  • Right Stick + Right Bumper - Open Menu
  • A - Select
  • B- Back
  • DPad - Navigate

GTAV Zombie Mod Installation

  • Download GTAV Zombie Mod.
  • Extract contents to a new folder called "scripts" in the main folder where GTA is installed.
  • Place GTAV_Zombie.dll and GTAV_Zombie.ini in the folder.
  • Modify GTAV_Zombie.ini to your liking.
  • Install all dependencies (if they aren't yet installed). See Readme.txt file within zip.
  • Zombie Carnage!

GTAV Zombie Mod Configuration File Settings

You can use the GTAV_Zombie.ini to customize features and set keybinds

  • Music - Enables rockstar mission soundtrack when starting a round
  • Ragdoll Physics - Enable enemy ragdoll on player impact and death
  • Gamepad - Enable controls for gamepad
  • CombatHUD - Enables a killstreak system

Download GTAV Zombie Mod

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