Parachute Money Hack – GTAV Online

The Parachute Money Hack for GTAV Online will net you around $100k per jump. Some people have reported that they are making anywhere from $2 million to $3 million daily with this. The more times you do this, the more chances to get caught, but as long as you stick with $100k per jump, you should be ok. Also this IS a game hack, so it's noticeable - don't do it while other peeps are nearby, otherwise you risk being reported.

Parachute Money Hack

For the Parachute Money Hack, you will need Cheat Engine as well as a cheat table, which is included below. An understanding of Parachute drops can be found on the GTA Wiki.

Parachute Money Hack Instructions:

  1. Parachute Money Hack - GTAV OnlineStart GTA 5 in Singleplayer.
  2. Press ESC -> Online -> Play GTA Online -> Solo Mode.
  3. Loaded into GTA:O, ESC -> Online -> Jobs -> Rockstar Created -> Parachute -> View of Vespucci.
  4. Enter the lobby and don't change anything. Make sure you are alone when you do this!
  5. Wait till the chopper scene and the countdown.
  6. Start Cheat Engine with the respective Cheat Table (*.CT).
  7. While Cheat Engine in Focus, press the little green-red flashing Computer-Icon at the upper left corner, choose GTA5.exe from the process list.
  8. Tick/check (also called "freeze") the "Click me hard!" box as "Active".
  9. Replace the two "First Entry" and "Second Entry" values 30 and 40 with 1000. DO NOT FREEZE THESE VALUES! (for me 2130 works best but i only score 15 point smax to not go over 99k
  10. Do not pass through any checkpoint. Just head for the finish line and land properly in the middle.
    • End screen will show you your GTA$ reward.
    • If your GTA$ reward is about 70k, then increase the value from 1000 by 100 every time, till you reach around GTA$99k as the reward. Do not go past GTA$100,000!
  11. Wait for the mission selection screen, go for "repeat", wait till it loads, cycle through the menu again, wait for the chopper scene, start again with "9.)".

WARNING: Do not try to earn more than $100k per jump, nor should you freeze the values. Doing either of these WILL result in a suspension or ban. As with all game hacks, use at your own risk.

Download Parachute Money Hack Cheat Table

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Did you download and try the Parachute Money Hack for GTAV Online? Let us know if it worked for you in the comments below!

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