TSW: Secret World Officially Launches today

With the official release today of TSW, we can expect lag and a ton more people asking questions about the game. We have tried to answer the basics for you through a few posts. Please refer to these if you have a question. 

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The Secret World: Common Questions Answered

TSW: How to Claim pre-order items

The Secret World: Info Sheet & Important Links

Since people like to often compare games to games, and troll in General chat how one game is like another, let me share my comparisons here...

Puzzles: Myst
Graphics: Age of Conan
Leveling Skills: Darkfall/EverQuest
Combat: Diablo

The game has puzzles, and these are like Myst in the sense you need to take loads of screenshots of anything you might think is important and some which aren't, then sort through things and figure out clues to the puzzles. The graphic engine does seem to use the Age of Conan engine, making for things to be more realistic. Leveling is skill based, and while you don't automatically get skill ups like Darkfall the game follows the same idea. It's actually more akin to Everquest's AAs (Alternative Achievements), which allow you to place the points where you want them - many are redundant (even in EQ1). Combat style is a bit like Diablo because unlike most games these days, you can only use a total of 7 different skill buttons to mash - which is like Diablo, even  though TSW is a standard view allowing you to zoom in or out all the way to first person, or out to look around.

Patch Notes: http://thesecretworld.com/news/update_notes_1.0_launch

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