Star2Pros Gone?

I was recently putting up a SC2 post, when I put a Star2Pros ad on the post. When I went to preview it, I noticed something strange, the image for the ad was missing. In most cases I locally host the images, so wouldn't even notice. But in this case hadn't done that. So... I checked the URL... nothing there. The whois states the URL, is still active till next year. I did a little news search and found - nothing. Everyone else seems to think all is well with the guide site, and are happily referring people in. I noticed that even the clickbank link, is invalid. Usually, when there is some change happening, like a reduction in price or a move to a new server, it's announced to the affiliates, so we can be prepared, and possibly even promote it.

What's this all mean? It means if you purchased access to the Star2Pro's guide and website, in the last 45 days, you need to seek a refund with clickbank immediately.

After a little research into the guides out there, at this point I would recommend EliteGuides' for SC2, to replace your Star2Pros subscription.

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