Starcraft 2: EGiNcontroL [P] vs. Shokz [P] – with Commentary

This is going to be my last video which I post from Shokz SC2 guide for a while I am not really sure if there is much interest in this stuff or not. However I wanted to point out that while other guides out there were made a year ago, and haven't been updated lately, Shokz gets updated constantly. Not only do you see the wins, but you see the losses and the explanation for why it was a loss. They also don't just play one race. Some of the other guides focused mainly on Terran because they were so strong early on, but Shokz also plays Protoss and Zerg, giving you a much rounder understanding of each race. On to the video...

Starcraft 2 Mastery Strategy Guide


One other reason to buy Shokz Starcraft 2 guide - Multiplayer guides coming soon!

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