Starcraft 2: Sick of using slow Siege Tanks in TvZ? Part 1

Has this ever happened to you? You're in a long game against the Zerg, macroing like crazy and you seem to be pulling ahead. But then it happens... You start to move forward with your massive army of Tanks & Marines when out of nowhere Zerglings and Banelings swarm in, with Mutalisks shortly behind. You immediately siege your Tanks and run your 

Marines away but it's too late. You watch in disbelief as your maxed 200/200  army gets wiped out without even putting a dent  in the Zerg army. Zerg then marches to your front door and obliterates your base with no problem. All because your Siege Tanks got caught off guard 1 time. ONE TIME!

I got so tired of this kind of scenario happening  to me that I started looking for a new strategy to play in my TvZ games. Don't get me wrong...Siege Tanks are good, but if you mis-micro them just 1 time, it can easily cost you the entire game when you're up against the quick units of the Zerg. 

So now in my TvZ games I opt for a more mobile army that is easier to micro and can't get caught off guard as easily either. And it's working like a charm! I'm winning many more games against my Zerg opponents than I used to. I laid out the whole strategy for you so you can start using it right away to win more games against those creepy crawlers.

I've been using the following strategy in all of my TvZ games now and I win like 66% compared to 33% with the standard. Without further ado, let's get into it! 

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