Starcraft 2: TvZ Thors & Hellions – anti Mutalisks strategy

As a Terran player I've been pretty frustrated for quite awhile against the Zerg race. I've been using the standard Tank/Marine combo but have found it to be lack luster for my playstyle.

First off, I hate using Tanks against Zerg because they are so immobile. If you get caught out of position 1 time it can easily cost you the game. Tanks are only good when they are sieged, and that makes it very hard to maintain map control and not get pinned down. Second, Banelings make me sad. Seeing huge packs of Marines get melted by green acid because I don't have perfect micro just isn't fun anymore.

So I needed a more mobile strategy that didn't have the inherent weaknesses of the standard Marine & Tanks build. And I found it!

I've been using the following strategy in all of my TvZ games now and I win like 66% compared to 33% with the standard. Without further ado, let's get into it!

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