Starcraft 2: Ultimate Terran vs Zerg Strategy part 3

The ultimate start to finish guide on how to beat Zerg with Terran. No more cheese, no more Tank/Marine combos, a new fresh look in to beating your enemy, the Zerg. This includes the micro, macro, common strategies, counters, scouting and more. Highly recommended you read this guide.

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Starcraft 2 Mastery Strategy Guide

General Strategies To Beat Zerg In Longer Games

After the initial push it will be up to you to out-class your Zerg opponent and take the win. This section will explain some general strategies that you should keep in mind while you're playing against the Zerg more in general.


It's very important to be aggressive against Zerg and keep him on his back foot. The most dangerous thing you can do is leave the Zerg alone and let him macro. He will expand and make a ton of Drones, then be able to pump out a ton of units that you may not be able to handle.

Try not to feel like you're pinned in your base. Move out and take over the watch towers and keep his Creep from spreading. Push out once in a while to see what his army is made of, then pull back and keep building. Try to find points of weakness in his defenses to get Hellions through or drop units into his base.


Because of Zerg's notoriously fast units, they are known for expanding like crazy. It's very important to keep scouting the expansions around the map to make sure Zerg doesn't have a hidden expo that you could easily take out. If he does take the risk and put out an expansion in a vulnerable spot, make him pay for it. Send out a small force to go take it out, or at least send some Hellions down to roast the Drones. A good tactic is to make a few Marines and send one to each of the different expansions.

Like I've mentioned before you'll also want to keep scouting his base and army to see what he's up to. Zerg can surprise you with big units so scout often so you aren't caught off guard. You can do this with Hellions, Medivacs, Scans, whatever you can get through to see what's going on.

Medivac Drops

Use your Medivacs and troops to drop at his expansions to quickly take out Hatcheries and put the pressure on (Just 2 Medivacs w/ Marauders kill Hatcheries extremely quickly, or your Hellions will roast workers in a hurry). And if his army comes after you, just load up and head out.

This tactic works even better when you send 2 drops out to the opposite ends of his base. Drop the first in, start killing stuff, then move the second in shortly after. He will have to split his army or take a lot of damage. Aim for key buildings like the Spire, Evolution Chambers, Spawning Pool, Hatcheries, etc. Or if you drop Hellions, target down his Drones to reduce his economy.


This build basically covers your first 2 expansions. In most games (especially when Zerg goes Muta/Ling) this will be enough. However, if Zerg can react quickly and push you back you will need to take more bases. Don't be afraid to push out and expand often. Whenever you are pushing for an attack or you have map control is a good time to take another expansion.

Morph your Command Centers into Planetary Fortresses, then put a couple Missile Turrets around them and they will be extremely hard to take out or even harass.


As you probably know, macro is very important in every game of Starcraft 2, no matter what strategy you're using. It's very important to learn the hotkeys and start using them so you can quickly train more units while you're not looking at your base. Constant SCV production is vital if you want to have enough minerals to conquer your opponent.



Upgrading your units is important in every game of Starcraft 2, and one thing that many players forget to do (myself included!). Upgrades may not seem like a huge deal at first, but their value adds up significantly throughout the game. The first upgrade you should buy is included in this build, but what next?

Depending on what you're up against you'll want to vary your upgrades just a little. Against the usual Mutalisk, Zergling combo, armor upgrades are the best idea. It will make Zerglings do less damage to your units, as well as the bouncing Mutalisk projectile. With just +1 armor, Thors will take hardly any damage at all from the bouncing Glave Wurm.

On the other hand if your opponent techs to Roaches and that is their main attack force, you should upgrade weapons before armor. Roaches do 16 damage, so -1 won't change too much. Marauders get +2 damage per upgrade against Roaches, and Thors get a whopping +6 damage per upgrade, so that will help you take the Roaches out faster.

Don't fully commit to just one or the other though. If you find yourself in a longer game, getting both weapons and armor upgraded to +3/+3 will help your armies tremendously.

The one upgrade I wouldn't worry about at all is any ship upgrades. The only ship you may use is Vikings, and upgrading for a few Vikings just isn't worth the money.

That's pretty much it! Now it's up to you to get out there and start practicing the build and owning Zergs on the ladder!

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