Aion: Guides Collection

Known for their expansive collection of guides, Killer Guides features many games including Aion. In this dosage of Aion goodness, you can find their complete class, leveling, crafting, and Kinah guides. You can either purchase the complete Killer Guides Aion Collection, or choose the one of your liking and purchase an individual guide.

Aion General Guides

Aion Leveling Guide, by B. Burgett, 346 pages - $29.99
Do you feel like leveling is taking forever and questing is becoming an endless chore that is barricading you from the rewarding end-game content? Are you sick and tired of wasting precious Kinah ... more

Aion Kinah, by Vhayste, 163 pages - $29.99
Finding your progress hindered by the lack of Kinah? Are you wasting precious playtime dying and having to walk back to the spot you were at over and over again just because you don't have enough ... more

Aion Crafting, by Scott Campbell, 59 pages - $29.99
Losing your temper over trying to find the materials you need? Having trouble remembering what you need to prepare to craft certain materials? Look up everything you'll need for each work order in ... more

Aion Class Guides

Aion Assassin, by Tomas Mavrick, 336 pages - $29.99
Having trouble finishing off squishies within a single flurry of skills? Do your daggers seem to literally bounce off plated foes like throwing pebbles at a concrete wall? Or are you simply out-DPSed ... more

Aion Chanter, by Vhayste, 379 pages - $29.99
Chanters, being the most all-round class in Aion, have endless potential hidden within them. A true Chanter expert can keep buffs up on allies indefinitely while also dishing out a respectable amount ... more

Aion Cleric, by Morgon Newquist, 226 pages - $29.99
Out-leveled by your friends and having a hard time catching up no matter how hard you try? Is soloing your Cleric turning out to be a nightmare experience? Stuck using obsolete gear all because you ... more

Aion Gladiator, by Eric Hartmann, 265 pages - $29.99
An average Gladiator could decimate most types of mobs within a few seconds, but what would you do when faced with a squadron of enemies from the opposing faction consisting of multiple classes? Are ... more

Aion Ranger, by B. Burgett, 227 pages - $29.99
Still using out-leveled gear because you do not know where all the good ones are hidden? Are you constantly being rendered into pulp by Gladiators, butchered by Assassins and cremated by Sorcerers? ... more

Aion Sorcerer, by J.F., 196 pages - $29.99
Why are those other sorcerers able to down Gladiators and Templars before they even get to melee range, whereas you always end up on the ground at their feet? Why are you still unable to find the best ... more

Aion Spiritmaster, by Toni D., 129 pages - $29.99
Prove to everyone that your Spiritmaster is no wimp, especially when up against those plated Gladiators and Templars! If you don't know yet, find out why the Spiritmaster is feared by many and ... more

Aion Templar, by Vhayste, 384 pages - $29.99
Still cannot seem to hold aggro when tanking and end up wiping your party? Being kited around the battlefield like you're just a mob by Rangers and Sorcerers? Or are you having a hard time even trying ... more

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