Guild Wars 2: Engineer Class Guide

The Engineer is one of the most sophisticated and diverse classes. Once mastered, however,  one can dominate the fields of battle. Engineers use different kits for firepower along with turrets. Armed with mines, bombs and grenades, they make for the perfect class in the heat of battle, and also to watch your back as well as give support. They wear medium armor making them quite sustainable, letting them take a lot of hits. Engineers are also the only adventure class to be able to use shields. Being that they have so many aspects to them they will be hard to master, but they excel in many things such as point defense in World versus World.

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Combat Roles:

Engineers can serve as either immediate direct damage or they can play the condition damage of a battle. For these two types of warfare they use 3 types of weaponry: Weapons/Kits, Turrets and Elixirs.

For the weapons, Engineers only have 3 types they can actually use (Rifle, Pistols and Shield) making then somewhat un-appealing to some. They do however get some awesome gadgets from the kits such as a Flamethrower, Tools, Grenades, Medical items and other pure explosives. Each can be easily interpreted as to what each does, thus moving us to the next topic.

Elixirs are one of the best things an Engineer can use since only this class alone can use them. Of course if you played past MMO’s or other games you can easily tell that upon consumption the character gains boosts. Some may not be boosts but still help you such as my favorite Elixir S which shrinks you to annoy enemies that they can’t see their pint sized for running away. In total the Engineer has 6 Elixirs that can all strongly benefit him/her when fighting.

The next main things Engineer rely on a lot are the turrets. Coming in 6 different styles each has its own special effect that benefits the player. The Turrets come in:

Flam Turret

  • Smoke Screen
  • Throw Napalm
  • Self Destruct
Healing Turret

  • Cleansing Burst
  • Regenerating Mist
  • Self Destruct-Mortar
Net Turret

  • Electrified Net
  • Net Attack
  • Self Destruct
Rifle Turret

  • Automatic Fire
  • Surprise Shot
  • Self Destruct
Rocket Turret

  • Explosive Rockets
  • Rocket
  • Self Destruct
Thumper Turret

  • Thump
  • Shockwave
  • Self Destruct





As previously said, there are many aspects that can control many aspects that make or break the battle. Most don’t really think about all the extra effects and just plop down random ones all over the place and expect more damage, however an experienced player will use every ability to its maximum use to gain maximum potential.

Now since the more interesting parts of the Engineer have been explained time to transition into your more basic and less complex forms of fighting.


These nasty machines of war may be slightly different from the ones you may see warriors lugging around. As opposed to the long range for warriors, Engineers are much stronger when they make the fight up close and personal. Their skills can be imagined as one of those up-close barrel shotguns that have added affects. The fact that it is short ranged I don’t suggest to use it to often since when foes are near and attacking that might not be the best thing.


The pistol, is one of my most favorite weapons being both main hand and offhand it keeps foes at a distance plus its stackable bleed ability. The gun itself has the best skills to keep others away from you while it rips them to shreds. The pistol is fairly simple to use and can often prove to be an Engineers best friend being that it can get many out of tough situations.


The shield will definitely be a strange fighting style if you are trying it out for the first time. Being it is offhand, the shield isn’t something that you run in and bash with but something that adds on damage. Magnetic Shield, for example, is a skill that forms a protective bubble around you that reflects all fired projectiles back at the opponents. Other skills are for bashing, stunning, tossing back and etc. Being that is both goes towards defense and offense, many who know its’ true potential like you utilize it.

Bomb Kit:

To put this into simpler terms it’s like opening a bag of candy with so many selections as to give you cavities, except here it is so many methods of blowing your opponents head off. Some can be tossed, some will be stationary and most will have added effects that utterly crush your opponent’s health.

Elixir Gun:

The elixir gun is by far the best support tool that en engineer can manipulate in his/her hands. Its skills range from damaging opponents to healing nearby allies. It has all the fun skills too that allow for escape such as a leap back. Of course it has condition damage to being that it can almost be like pistols except with different roles.


Of all the things players could look forward to on an engineer, the flamethrower is by far the most fun. With it all a player has to do is stand in a single place and burn everything around him to crisp.  If you are one of those players who need to be different from everyone else, complex play styles with added effects to the gun can be initiated. It has extra abilities such as napalm that creates large portions of fire to spring to life. It also has air blast which is used to knock others away. The gun can often be seen used in large crowd control situations such as in the World Versus World scenarios.


Besides the fact that I can describe them as grenades they serve as large firepower that also can cause condition damage. Also seen in large group fights they add extra effects such as bleed and poison.

Medical Kit:

The medical kit is purely meant for healing as opposed to the elixir gun. With it you get all sorts of fun things all meant to heal yourself and others as well as get rid of any negative effects.

Tool Kit:

Finally after that lost list of diversity, my friends we have reached the last thing this now overpowered engineer can do. The kit isn’t really seen as a damage dealing item but a combat controller. The kit allows players to knock others  back, pull and block incoming attacks. These are all things you may use when initiating a fight, escaping a fight or controlling it by isolating targets and picking them off.

Tool Belt

This is definitely one of the most complicated parts of the engineer. To see these extra skills they are bound to your F1-F4 keys. Let’s say you use the flamethrower. After initially using it, the weapon will be added to you tool belt allowing you to use its skill Incendiary Ammo which causes the next 3 consecutive hits to burn. The tool belt itself has 20 different skills that are linked to the 20 original abilities the Engineer can perform. Each has its own unique effects that can change the course of a fight with effects.

So as you can see, the Engineer is a very diverse unique class. I preferably play him/her as a supportive fighter that surprises people at the best time. Remember that the engineer has lots of play styles so don’t limit yourself to one thing. Keep fighting have and have fun with your new learned class!

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