Guild Wars 2: Faster Leveling tips

Some players in Guild Wars 2 have a hard time leveling, and you can get to a point in the game where it seems like you don’t get experience for anything you do, and you just run around in circles. In this guide I will talk about a few easy things you can do to speed up your leveling in Guild Wars 2, I’m not talking about powerleveling or anything like that, just simple things to remember when you’re out leveling in the bold lands of Tyria.

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Do all the Heart quests that you encounter

The heart quests are great experience and are always all over the maps, so they’re easy to find. The heart quests dosen’t only give you experience, you will also receive karma and a small silver and copper reward. It’s also important to check the quest giver after you finished the heart quest, you will then be able to buy items, boosts, food and much much more from the quest giver, everything is bought with karma so you won’t loose any gold. It’s a great way of getting a armor or weapon upgrade.

Revive every NPC and Player that you see

The obvious reason for reviving is of course that you get some exp when you do it, and that it’s common curtis to revive fallen players. So NPC that you revive will start dynamic events, and we all know how rewarding the events are, you get a lot of experience from them and let’s not forget how fun they are! So revive everything you see, it might be the beginning of a event, and if it’s not at least you get some experience.


Activating Portals and visiting Points of Interests is easy exp, just check the map to see if there’s any near your location. Exploring in general often lead to some nice experience, either from the exploring exp you get from discovering something new on the map and also exploring will lead to new events and hearts for you to complete.

Gathering – Great way of get some Experience points & Money

Chopping down trees for wood, mining minerals for ore and gathering plants are all great ways of getting some exp while you’re doing hearts and events, just mine, chop or pick up what you find, you’ll get a nice exp bonus for each item you gather, and it’s also needed for your Daily Achievement that you gather, and the daily achievement is great for leveling in Guild Wars 2. After you have gathered all sorts of items you can either sell the items on the trading post and earn a great profit, or you can always use it to level up your crafting profession, and let’s not forget that you get experience points when you level up your crafting. But don’t spend to much time with your crafting profession, don’t lose focus of leveling up.

Play World vs World PVP – If your server is good

Taking part in WvW have the possibility of earning you some very fast levels, but it all depends on the group and how good your server is at WvW. If your server is taking a beating and you can’t even capture any keeps without the enemy servers are bashing you down, then the experience in WvW probably going to be bad. But if you have a good group, mabye your Guild do World vs World PVP, if you team up with them and toghter take keeps and supply camps, and of coures if you defend camps and keeps you will be rewarded with a lot of experience. WvW can defiantly be a great place to level up in Guild Wars 2.

The most important advice – Do dynamic events

Probably the most important advice I can give, but lucky most players know this. Do a lot of dynamic events, these events are great experience and there’s usually hordes of monsters to kill during events, and mobs are always good source of experience. The best way of leveling is doing chain events, events that start with one event and then continues after you and your group succeeded with the event, a chain event can be several events long so that’s why it’s extremely important to hang around for a minute or two after a event has ended, it doesn’t matter if you succeeded or you failed the event, follow-up events are very frequent, and experience from two events is greater then from one event, so hang around, it will be worth it.

That’s my little list of things you can do to level up faster in Guild Wars 2. If you have any advice or trick that you use when you’re leveling in GW2, feel free to share them in the comment section down below.

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