GW2: 5 Tips to Making Gold off the Trading Post

We were all noobs once, right? Here are 5 tips which will help you to make gold off the Trading Post. Keep in mind that it's always a learning curve to learn something, and making gold off the Trading Post, is no different. It will take a lot of patience at first, but when you get the knowledge down, you may well surpass us, to making gold there.

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5 Tips For Making Gw2 Gold At The Trading Post:

  1. Always and I mean Always! Work out your profit margin before you even place any buy orders. It would surprise you the amount of players that actually lose Gold when flipping because they are placing Buy orders way to high to make any profit when they resell the items. You can do this by using this Trading Post Calculator or by multiplying your sale price by 0.85 an example 430 x 0.85 = 365.5 (sale price was 4 silver 30 copper) You actually get 3 silver 64 copper back from the sale.
  2. Have a good poke around! Don’t just flip copper ore because I or someone else told you too. Try to find your own little markets within the trading post. There are a ton of items to flip on the Gw2 trading post. Some make you no profit, some make you profit and some make you amazing profits. Some even make more or less profits at different times of the day. Crafting materials are great to trade in and so are upgrade components. Have a look at what is there for the taking no matter how small. If you can find an item that you can buy quickly and sell quickly then a small profit is good enough.
  3. Patience is key here. You can’t expect to start trading and within 10 minutes make huge amounts of Gw2 Gold. Some of the most profitable flips that I do take 24 hours to complete the cycle of buying and selling on. If you put in an order for 1000 units of one upgrade component, Then it is going to take some time to be fulfilled. Specially when players will come in and bid more than you for them. You just need to wait it out until the order is complete then you can turn it into a great profit.
  4. Sell when the price is right, If you have just purchased a decent amount of materials from the trading post at a nice low buy order price and the sell price isn’t as high as you would of hoped then why not wait a little while before offloading your bulk of material. 1 or 2 copper per unit can make a large difference when you are selling a mass of items. And remember the listing fee of 5% you pay to list to items? You don’t get that back if you remove your sell listing at a later date. Use resources like Gw2 Spidy to figure out the best time of the day to sell your items.
  5. Take full advantage of peak times and weekends. The weekend is a great time for making Gw2 gold at the trading post. The supply of a lot of items goes though the roof, Allowing you to buy many items on the cheap that you can flip in less peak times for a much higher price. All of the flips that I do at the trading post happen much much faster on weekends. And the profits either stay roughly the same or increase a little.

Remember, most importantly, have fun!

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