GW2: Avoid Losing Gold at the Trading Post

A mistake that many players do when going at the trading post is selling low priced items and materials. Although the Trading Post doesn’t allow the buyers to post offers for an item under their default selling price at a merchant, they usually put them with 1 extra copper. This might seem tempting for someone that just wants to get rid of some unwanted items, and they will also get 1 copper extra for every item than if he would go and sell them to a normal merchant. But they are forgetting one essential thing: the Trading Post fees.

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The fees of the Trading Post are very simple:

When putting an item up for sale, 5% of the sale price will be automatically deduced on the spot. This is the price for listing an item at the Trading Post. When an item is sold, whether it was posted or just sold to an already put up offer, the Trading Post will deduct 10% of the selling price.

So if you are putting up for sale a batch of 250 materials, you will be charged 5% of the price one and then another 10% when the sale occurs, totaling 15% of the sale price in taxes. If you have sold the items with just 1 copper extra per item than a merchant would offer, you have just scammed yourself of some copper or even silver.

Although when you are charged only 10% you might in some situations strike even, depending on the amount sold, when you put up items on the market with just 1 copper extra than the market price, you are actually losing money instead of earning extra.

Any operation that you undergo at the Trading Post should be calculated having the taxes in mind. Doing this can help you put correct prices on items and also diminishing the amount of gold that is taken away from you.

For example, you can also increase the price of your sold items by 15%, just to have the buyer pay all the taxes.  So an item that you think it’s worth 1 gold should be put up for 1 gold and 15 silver, so when the item is sold, a full gold will end up in your pockets. It’s just like in real life, but you really have to pay attention to the details.

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