GW2: Complete List of Emotes

Emotes have always been a popular addition to any MMO game, and Guild Wars 2 is no different. They allow players to express themselves and be creative with their characters while they’re just hanging out and talking with other players. GW2 has it's own set of emotes available for players to use. Below you will find a list of the commands for each emote along with a preview of what the emote actually makes your in-game character do. Scrolling to the end, you will also find a video showing them in action.

In order to perform an emote you’ll need to type in the map chat box the forward slash symbol followed by the action you wish to perform. Once the command is typed and the enter button is pressed the player will complete the animation for the emote (if there is an animation for it). In order to direct an emote toward a specific player simply type the command followed by a space then the @ symbol while targeting the player you wish to emote to.

Guild Wars 2 Emotes

  • Beckon – /beckon
  • Bow – /bow
  • Cheer – /cheer
  • Cower – /cower
  • Cry – /cry
  • Dance – /dance
  • Kneel – /kneel
  • Laugh – /laugh
  • Disagree – /no
  • Point – /point
  • Ponder – /ponder
  • Salute – /salute
  • Shrug – /shrug
  • Sit – /sit
  • Sleep – /sleep
  • Act Surprised – /surprised
  • Act Threatening – /threaten
  • Wave Hello – /wave
  • Agree – /yes

Emoting with Others in GW2

Many players like to put on a show but gathering a large group (with friends of a guild) and performing emotes together. Doing this in sync can be a disaster if you attempt to time it all at the same time but GW2 has a nice emote feature to help with this. To get your players to all use the same emote at the exact same time simply add an asterisk to the command. This tells the game to use the command with others at the same time and is processed every 5 seconds.

So, if you and your group would like to all dance at the same time you would use the dance command followed by an asterisk in this manner – /dance *

Player Dances Vary with Race in GuildWars 2

Each race in Guild Wars 2 performs a different dance when using the dance emote. Asura will dance like a robot, Charr perform a war dance known as the Haka, Humans will do the Shuffle, the Norn dance like Carlton from the popular 90′s show Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Sylvari will perform a folk dance called the Bhangra.

GW2 Video depicting emotes for every race

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