GW2: Flipping Mini’s For Fun and Profits

There are a few reasons why its either good or bad to flip Mini’s. The most basic reasons however are because it's profitable, and people want to collect them. This makes for some easy profits for the prepared person.

Now let's take a deeper look into why it's good or bad to flip mini pets.

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Good: They are collectible items that all hardcore Guild Wars 2 fans will want to collect and finish there sets. This makes the Rarer Mini’s worth a large amount of gold, As you can see on the trading post.

They are also acquired by using Gems, A lot of players will want Mini’s but will not spend the cash on Gems to get them directly. Right now it will cost you 2 Gold 30 Silver to get 300 Gems to buy a 3 pack of Mini’s. A gamble if you already have a decent amount of them. This Collectors will be looking at buying them from the trading post.

You can make Decent profits by flipping the right ones.

Bad: They are only aesthetic, They basically do nothing but follow you around. To a lot of players this makes them pointless and not worth buying.

They did and still do take some time to flip, This isn’t a market you can use solely for making your gold, It has to be a side gig next to other items that your flip on a day to day basis. Even tho there is demand for them its not that high.

Tips For Flipping Mini’s in Guild Wars 2:

  1. Check out Gw2spidy to see which Mini’s have the best profit margins, Write down the best ones. So you can go ingame and place some buy orders.
  2. Buy many different Mini’s, You want to buy maybe one of each at a time. Buying large amounts will mean a lot of time to sell on. During this time the price could drop a lot.
  3. Be ruthless with your undercutting and overcutting. When dealing with Rare and Exotic Mini’s you will be wanting to Undercut other players by more than 1 copper. The same applies for buying Mini’s with buy orders, Overcut the nearest player by silvers not coppers. The more common Mini’s you can flip like normal by undercutting by 1 copper.

In conclusion you can make very good profits from flipping Mini’s in Guild Wars 2. But it will not make you a ton of gold overnight. Its certainly worth doing on the side with your normally gold making flips. Some of the profit margins on Mini’s are very good if you have the gold to invest in them, But if you do make sure you use the tips here at GW2 Secrets. You do not want to get your pants pulled down on the highest priced Mini’s look to make a profit quickly.

Be very careful when re-listing an Exotic Mini. If you get your price wrong and have to re-list you will lose the 5% from the initial Sell order, which can be a decent amount of Gold. Aim for a price which is still going to make you a tidy profit and will be very attractive to any buyers not wanting to pay top Gold for that Mini.

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