GW2: How to recruit new members to your guild


Some of us want our own guild or maybe have a leading role in the guild. Maybe you’re leader of a guild, a high ranked officer or just want your guild to grow and get bigger, better and have more members, then this guide is for you. In this guide I will show you simple tips and tricks when recruiting new members to your Guild Wars 2 guild. I will also show you a list of websites where you can recruit players to your guild.

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Recruiting new members on Guild Wars 2 Forums

There’s plenty of Guild Wars 2 forum and forums can be a perfect place of getting new members, most forum even have Guild recruitment section where you are allowed to post a recruitment post for your guild. I would advice you

Here’s a few thinks to consider when making your recruitment ad on a forum

  • Make sure you’re clear on what server your guild is playing on, there’s no point in people joining your guild if they’re on the wrong server. Included the server name in the Topic of your post or at least display it clear and big.
  • a Guild website and a guild forum is a must for any serious guild.
  • Make your Guild stand out. What makes your guild special? Do you have a active PVP community? weekly events? a large amount of members? Or anything ells? Make sure to included that in your Guild recruitment on the forums, use the strength and what makes your guild unique to your advantage and to convince people to join your Guild.

List of Guild Wars 2 Forums with a Guild Recruitment section.

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This is just a few of all the Guild Wars 2 Forums that you can recruits members on, being recruiting members on these sites as a start and then you can expand with more forums later.

Other places to recruit new members

Recruiting players inside the game can also be a good idea, but it’s important that you don’t start spamming or that you start to send our your recruitment messages to much, you will hurt your guild if you do this the wrong way.

Here are a few situations in-game when you can recruit people,

  • Large events, when there’s huge events in Guild Wars 2 a lot of people will gather around extremely fast, and the bigger the event the more people. Sending out a few recruitment messages in /map and /say can be extremely efficient here, but don’t spam!
  • In the starting areas in the game there’s plenty of new players to the game, these players are often without a guild and without a community. These new players are often willing to join a guild. /map channel works here.
  • In dungeons. If you find great players that you enjoy to play with in dungeons and fractals why not ask them to join your guild? Ask them if they’re looking for a guild and how you enjoyed playing with them, and that your Guild is looking for new and good players.

There’s plenty of other situations in the game where you can recruit new players, but just make sure you don’t start spamming the chat channel. Also it’s important that you send out a good recruitment message when you’re recruiting in the chat. Talk about what’s great about your Guild, maybe how many members the guild have or that you have guild events happening weekly, keep it short and snappy.

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