GW2: Jumping Puzzles explained

credit to Zorthos for this find

GW2's world is filled to the brim with interesting environments. However many MMO devs have is a lack of detail to some areas, so to bring details, puzzles were added so more people will actually see all of it. In GW2 they've introduced Vistas and Jumping puzzles.

Often bundled together in the same areas, Vistas are these activate-able cinematic movies which show you the area around you to a greater degree. Usually it's some keynote of a particular place of interest nearby, and is shown by a triangle on the map. A jumping puzzle offers you a vista, and then rewards you for going to the end of the puzzle. So in these hard to reach places where vistas are located, they place these hidden jumping puzzles.

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They often using varying mechanics and add NPCs to help you along. A great example of all of this is the Jumping Puzzle in Lion's Arch known as Weyandt's Revenge. A ghost leads you through many sections and provides some commentary to the area.

This is a video demonstrating a jumping puzzle and it's "reward":

Upon completion of this particular Jumping Puzzle, you gain a level specific item as well as access to a Karma vendor (more info: Weyandt's Revenge via Guild Wars 2 Wiki).

There are many of these Jumping Puzzles scattered around the world, you can either go out and find them for yourself or there's a relatively handy list on the wiki. The reason I say it's relatively handy, is because often they are still pretty awkward to find despite the wiki telling you the general area.

Hope this brought some insight into what Jumping Puzzles are.

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