GW2: Level 80… So now what?

If you just hit 80, then your lifelong goal is complete, and I kinda pity you, while worshiping you at the same time, however with more people are starting to hit level 80, you are all hitting the same choices. And now you ask yourself, what do I do now that I am 80? Well to be honest, you have a few choices. The obvious choices are WvWvW and running 5 man dungeons. However there are a couple more different choices you can also do.

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The first other option I am going to mention, is selling your gold - now, today, not tomorrow because it's worth less tomorrow! You can do this at official sites and you can do this at unofficial sites, meaning actual gold sites and selling at trade forums. With Trade forums, you have to be more on your toes, because of scammers, but even gold sites are known to occasionally scam, and that's where you want to check sites like complaints boards for that.

Remember when trading on trade forums, to look for users who have at least 15 good trades, with accounts older then 2 months. Also, take their messenger, and do a search for their handle. It's amazing how many people use the same handle to scam at other locations.

Now the other alternative is to sell your account at a account selling site or again trade forums. This is a bit more risky, as it's a larger value. However again putting yourself in a high alert mode will help a lot with that. For best results, make others pay with gifting. This means they have to have money in their PayPal account, and they will cover the fees. It also means they won't use a credit card to make the payment, which allows you in-turn to ensure they won't cancel the payment on you.

So what other options are there? Craft, slow level a new character, enjoy the game, farm pets or mounts, gold farm, karma farm, explore, do every quest in the game... find another game to play - and slow the hell down!

Tip: Remember that some of those new level 80s cheated to get there quick, some of them botted.Those that botted, probably won't know how to play their character effectively, might not know their spell rotations, and will be easy to wipe up off the ground in WvWvW.

If you decided to sell your gold, then start gold farming like crazy, because right now, before most bots are on the market, is when the prices are at their highest. Once bot's are more readily released, then the gold prices will drop through the floor, just like D3 gold did.

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