GW2: Maximize Magic Find via Food, Boosts, & Gear

If you’re serious about grinding in Guild Wars 2 then you need to consider getting some Magic Find boost on your character. Magic find will greatly increase the chance of rare loot to be found in the mobs that you kill. This guide will teach you how to increase your magic find by buying items and gear.

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Gear, Runes & Sigils with Magic Find

There’s some fairly cheap Magic find gear that you can craft or buy on the trading post, here’s a few prefixes that you can search for on the trading post that have magic find boosts. Pillaging, Explorer’s and Traveler’s. I bet there’s more then these armor groups but you will have to search yourself for them. Just make sure that you don’t overspend when getting your magic find gear, compare magic find % on gear and see if it’s really worth spending a extra gold for a small stat bonus, because it can get really expensive if you buy the wrong things.

Magic Find Runes can be really expensive to buy and craft, so be prepared to spend some GW2 Gold if you want to get your hands of these runes, here’s a list of Magic Find runes in Guild Wars 2:

  • Superior Rune of Scavenging (Expensive but can be worth it if you’re going to do some serious grinding)
  • Superior Rune of Noble (Buy these with tokens from Caudecus’s Manor at the Seraph Outfitter Eva in Lion’s Arch)
  • Superior Rune of the Pirate (go for a full set of these, they’re the cheapest)
  • Superior Rune of the Traveler (cheaper then the Scavenging runes but still expensive)

Sigil of Luck is a great sigil for your weapons, this doesn’t suit everyone’s play style but if it does then get it, Sigil of Luck comes in 3 different qualities, minor, major and superior. What the Superior Sigil of Luck will do is give you a 6% magic find boost each time you kill a monster, stacking up to 25 times, great way to get some nice magic find in events.


Consumable Magic Find – Food & Boosters

There’s two kinds of consumables that will boost your magic find, there’s the Magic Find Booster that you can buy in the gem store for 150 Gems, this item will give you a 50% boost in magic find for an hour, I personally don’t buy these boosters because they cost to much and the boost is not high enough to be worth the high price of gems right now, but if the gem price goes down they might be worth it, and if you got one just laying around like if you found it in a chest or something, just use it.

And the other kind of consumables are different kind of food that will give you magic find, depending on the level you’re you can use a wide variate of food. If you’re not level 80 just take a few minutes to browse the Food section on the Trading post and you’ll find food that gives you a magic find boost in your level range. But if you’re level 80 you should buy the Omnomberry Bar, these will give you a 30% Magic Find boost and 40% more Gold from Monsters for 30 minutes. These bars are amazing and it’s a must if your going out grinding for rares and gold. There’s also the Chocolate Omnomberry Cream that gives a boost of 40% Magic find but without the Gold boost that the Omnomberry Bar have, so I would still go with the Omnomberry Bars.


If you follow these simple tips and guidelines you can easily get around 100% magic find boost without having to spend too much gold. You can find a lot of great info on Magic find in the Guild Wars 2 Wiki, pretty much everything you need to know gear and item wise, check it out over here, Guild Wars 2 Wiki – Magic Find

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