GW2: Mesmer PvE Leveling Build

The Mesmer is one of the more interesting Guild Wars 2 classes. It isn’t great for close combat and can’t take a ton of damage but it does well when played as a ranged build. Through the use of Illusions (basically summons NPCs to fight for you) you can deal a decent amount of damage and manage to avoid taking too much yourself. The key is keeping your enemies at a distance. This is basically accomplished by having your Illusions hold them back, dealing damage, while you attack from a safe distance as well.

The Mesmer leveling build we have created combines these elements and has proven to be a very capable character in PvE. We chose to work almost exclusively on Illusions. Our traits mainly consist of those that increase the Mesmer’s attack damage and others that improve the effectiveness of condition damage and improve overall health. Overall, this is one of the best leveling builds for the Mesmer profession.

GW2 Domination guide

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Leveling Build

Here’s the trait chart for this build to take a quick glance at. We’re going to go over each part in detail down below. Traits for this build:

As you can see this build primarily focuses on the Domination, Inspiration and Illusions trait trees. In order to make the best of this build you’ll need to follow a very specific trait progression. The timing of when each tree gets assigned points is VERY important to the overall effectiveness of the build as you are leveling your Mesmer. Here is the EXACT order you should follow for best results along the way:

  1. Assign 10 Points to Inspiration
  2. Assign 10 Points to Domination
  3. Assign 10 Points to Illusions
  4. Assign Another 10 Points to Domination
  5. Assign Another 10 Points to Inspiration
  6. Assign Another 10 Points to Illusions
  7. Assign Another 10 Points to Inspiration

How this Mesmer Build Works

Domination Trait Tree

Within the Domination trait tree you’ll basically be going after skills that improve your overall attack damage and the overall effectiveness of conditional damage attacks as well. We add points to this pretty quickly just to get that increase in damage you need to take care of enemies with ease. Because we are focusing on Illusions you’ll want to throw Rendering Shatter on your adept slot which causes vulnerability to enemies in range for 8 seconds. You may want to try out Mental Torment (adds 20% more damage to Mind Wrack), too. It can sometimes be useful but so far Rendering Shatter seems to be the best skill to have on hand.

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Inspiration Trait Tree

The reason we add points to Inspiration is to unlock a few skills that will help your Mesmer survive longer in the heat of battle. The skills we want to use with this leveling build are Persisting Images, Compounding Celerity and Malicious Sorcery. Persisting Images provides your Phantasm with 20% more health, meaning they’ll last a good bit longer. Celerity gives you additional speed, more and more for each active Illusion you have in play. For your Mesmer’s master slot you’ll want to put on Malicious Sorcery which gives you +50 malice when you have your scepter equipped and also recharges scepter skills faster.

Illusions Trait Tree

Illusions is where you’ll really stack up power for your Mesmer build. Two of the most important skills to unlock within this skill tree are Compounding Power and Phantasmal Haste. Compounding Power provides you with an additional 3% damage for each active Illusion you have in play. Phantasmal Haste, on the other hand, helps you to recharge your Phantasms faster by 20%.

Mesmer Healing Skill

The only useful healing ability available for the Mesmer is Ether Feast. This skill allows you to heal yourself and gain additional health for every active Illusion you have in play.

Utilities & Signets to Use for the Mesmer

The last, but certainly not least important, thing you need to get in order for this Mesmer leveling build are your signets and utilities. The ones we have chosen will add to your attack power and increase your survival rate. Most of them focus on getting away from your enemies to get back to a safe attack range since the Mesmer isn’t capable of taking tons of damage. Here are the ones we recommend:

1st Utility: Signet of Domination. This not only provides your Mesmer with increased condition damage but also places a stun on nearby enemies for 2 seconds making it easy to get a gap between you and your attackers.

2nd Utility: Null Field. This one works well for both you and your friends (if you’re in a group, of course). It produces an energy field that takes boons away from enemies and also cures any conditions that may be on you or your other group players.

3rd Utility: Veil. Another very useful ability for both you and your friends. This one places Stealth on you and your party for 4 seconds, just long enough to make a clean getaway to a better strategic attack range.

Elite: Time Warp. This one provides both your Mesmer and other allies with a boost in quickness.

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