GW2: Necromancer PvE Leveling Build

The Necromancer is a pretty powerful profession in Guild Wars 2. When used correctly you can make easy work of mobs and level pretty quickly. All you need is an appropriate leveling build and a little time and you’ll be clearing out PvE enemies without issue in no time. Most people tend to create Necromancer builds that focus on using minions but, since this build is for PvE, we’re going to focus on building up DoT attacks instead. This is best for leveling with the Necro and will work well for any player.

Because we’re focusing on DoT attacks please note that for a short while you won’t be dishing out high damage. But as you progress and assign skill points to the correct traits and unlock the more powerful skills that the Necromancer has access to you’ll very quickly and easily build up high DPS attacks. One of the most prominent things about this leveling build is that we’re going to build up the Bleeds to their max potential.

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Guild Wars 2 Necromancer Leveling Build

Here’s a peek at the Necromancer traits setup that we’ll be using for this:

Now, you’ve got the trait chart but keep in mind that you MUST follow a very strict progression when assigning points to your traits. Without doing so you’ll be lost and looking foolish against even the simplest of enemies in PvE. Here’s the EXACT order you should follow when adding points to your Necromancer’s traits for this particular build:

  1. Add 10 Points to Curses
  2. Add 10 Points to Spite
  3. Add Another 10 Points to Curses
  4. Add Another 10 Points to Spite
  5. Add 10 Points to Blood Magic
  6. Add Another 10 Points to Curses
  7. Add Another 10 Points to Spite

Now, some people don’t get the reasons WHY builds work… so, we’re going to explain a bit about WHY this Necromancer build works well for leveling in PvE. We’ll explain the benefits of each trait as well as which skills in the trait trees are best to unlock to unleash the true power of the Necro.

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Guild Wars 2 Necromancer Spite Trait Tree

Within the Spite trait tree there are a few skills we’re going after… Condition Duration, Reaper’s Might and Chill of Death. Why? Condition Duration is used to improve the effectiveness of any conditions that you inflict on enemies. Reaper’s Might makes it so that both Plague Blast and Life Blast provide your player with a temporary 15 second boost in might. Finally, Chill of Death produces Spinal Shivers against any enemy that is at 25% or lower health, making getting the kill easier. Equip Reaper to your Adept slot and Chill to your Master.

Guild Wars 2 Necromancer Curses Trait Tree

The Curses trait tree is where you will add a ton of power and lasting effects to your DoT attacks with the Necromancer. The skills you’ll want to unlock are Hemophilia, Master of Corruption and Lingering Curse. Why? Hemophilia causes all bleed-based attacks to last 20% longer. Master of Corruption makes any corruption based skill recharge 20% faster. Finally, Lingering Curse gives you the ability to make any DoT attacks from your Scepter last 33% longer than normal. Hemophilia will occupy your adept slot while Lingering Curse will be equipped to the grandmaster slot.

Guild Wars 2 Necromancer Blood Magic Trait Tree

The ONLY reason we have this build assigning a menial amount of points to Blood Magic is to help increase your survival rating and also deal a little bit more damage through bleeds. To take advantage of this simply go after the skills Dagger Mastery (all dagger-based skills charge 20% faster) and Enfeebling Blood (casts bleeding and weakness against enemies in range lasting 10 seconds).


GW2 Secret – Epidemic Proportions: If you EVER get in a tight bind with a large mob on your tail and you need to make quick work of them, there is a pretty cool method of doing this. Stack up your bleeds and poisons on the main enemy in the group then cast Epidemic. This will not only kill off the main foe but also take out the majority of the mob along with him. This is a neat little ability and it works insanely well when its done correctly.


Utilities to Use for Guild Wars 2 Necromancer

The last thing you need to concern yourself with for this Necromancer leveling build is utilities and signets. Here is the set that we’ve found to work best for creating a strong PvE build with the Necro:

1st Utility: Blood is Power. This casts a strong bleed that deals some serious damage. But it does do a small amount of bleed on your own character as well.

2nd Utility: Corrupt Boom.

3rd Utility: Epidemic. We explained why this one is great in the pro tip above. This utility gives your Necromancer a high DPS attack that can easily take out a whole slew of enemies quickly.

Elite: Lich Form. This is a powerful thing. Your Necro will turn into a Lich which has its own set of skills that can deal some serious damage.


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