GW2: Seige Weapons and their role in PvP

Guild Wars 2 Siege Weapons are used by players in PvP battles and they are also environmental weapons. These weapons are fixed into their build location but for the exception of the Siege golems that are movable. These weapons are only usable by the group of people who created them, while the foes can attack as well as damaging the structures.

Essential for both defense and offense in the WvW combat, these types of weapons are very important in winning an impossible battle.

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When these weapons are placed, the build location is also created and players are required to utilize supply in order to complete the weapons and use them. A bar showing yellow life is the one that indicates the progress of their build. The site for building these weapons can be damage during the building time, and when they take more damage you will also need more supply in order to complete them. If these siege weapons are destroyed, the weapons and the supply used in building the site will be lost.

If you want to build GW2 Siege Weapons, you will need a blueprint which can be purchased from Siege masters or can be found at different mini-dungeon in the Mists.

Primary Function of Every Guild Wars 2 Siege Weapons

  • Flame Ram is the best weapon to be used in gates as it inflicts more damage to the structure.
  • Arrow Cart are better used against the infantry though it only deals moderate damage on the area.
  • Ballista is best used against infantry ad siege equipment as it deals heavy damage against single targets.
  • Catapult is used against walls as they do heavy damage to these infrastructures, while when used on gates moderate damage is only inflicted.
  • Trebuchet just like the catapults only deals moderate gate damage but is proven lethal when it comes to the walls.
  • Siege Golems are the only movable Guild Wars 2 Siege Weapon and can deal heavy damages to the gates.

In Guild Wars 2, the player who has placed any weapons is considered as their owner. While any of the player’s ally can utilize the siege weapons, it is still the owner who can totally control the weapon any time they want to. Guilds can purchase Siege Golems and Catapults as upgrade for influence. These Guild Wars 2 Siege Weapons don’t have functional difference compared to blueprints that are purchased, but they do have difference when it comes to their appearance.

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Upgraded versions of these Siege Weapons (denoted as Omega or Superior) can be created by the use of Mystic Forge. These weapons will cost the player additional supply for the construction and are very powerful compared to the standard Guild Wars 2 Siege Weapons.

Aside from the Siege Weapons placed by the players, Castles, Towers and Keeps also have their own siege weapons which are stationary and players can order them through the Quartermaster. Supplies are needed for them to be crafted but without the necessity for a blueprint. These include boiling oil pots, cannons and mortars.

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