GW2: Storage & Guild Shared Storage

Information compiled by Tom Riddle

Everything you wanted to know about storage and shared guild storage in Guild Wars 2. This is a compilation of information, in fact everything currently available at this time. Tom Riddle is known for his exceptional work in compiling information, and this time he is taking on Guild Wars 2. 

Guild Wars 2: Banks & Account Storage Overview Video

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Account vault

Account storage is separated into “bank” and “collections” sections.

The bank section contains: coins, gems, 30 items by default, with additional storage purchasable at the Gem Store up to 8 Tabs) Currently, items don’t stack automatically, but can be forced to do so.

The collections section contains:

  • Common crafting materials
  • Fine crafting materials
  • Gemstones and Jewels
  • Cooking materials
  • Mini Pets Alpha
  • Heavy PvP Armor Rewards
  • Light PvP Armor Rewards
  • Medium PvP Armor Rewards
  • Creature Codex Library

For many materials you can right click and select to ‘deposit collectible’ wherever you are in the world. This sends that material straight from your inventory into your material storage in the Bank. Click the ‘collections’ tab on the left of the UI pane to access your material storage. You can hold up to 250 of each crafting material.

Storage and Bags

Leather Bag

You start with a 20 slot backpack, and 4 open slots, common earlylevel bag sizes are 5 slot bags, but there are 20 slot bags that can be purchased or crafted, and then 3 more bag slots can be purchased also

Guild (Shared Storage)

From: Guild Wars 2 – Could Cost You More Than You Would Expect!

Guild Wars 2 uses a much more in-depth cash shop, that while does not sell any PvP altering items, but it does sell storage.

The reason this is a big deal and such an outrage is that Guild Wars 1 sold fashion, but it was account wide. You could use it on all characters, you simply payed to look a little cooler in town, however Guild Wars 2 scrapped that system, if you buy an outfit, and it’s just for that one character. If you buy storage, it’s for one character only.

In beta there was a way to get 250 Guild storage slots cheaply:


From: Better Living through Inventory Management

Perhaps the easiest way to increase the size of your bags is through crafting. Armorsmiths, Tailors, and Leatherworkers can make new boxes or bags fairly cheaply, and can be a good choice for one of your 2 trades depending on which profession you’re playing since it will allow you to craft armor upgrades as you level.

With little cost and effort you’ll be able to upgrade to 8 slot bags, and will probably even be able to craft the 10 slot bags within the first few days of playing depending on how quickly you choose to advance your crafting skill level.

8 Slot Invisible Crafted Bag (unseen by vendors, items can’t be accidentally sold)

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