Dragon Nest: Pyromancer or Saleana Build and Skills

Compiled by Chaose5

Pyromancers (aka Saleana) is the 2nd class advancement (3rd job) of Fire-element based elemental lords. Often people would infer to this class as the more PvE oriented type, due to their very high DPS and Crit. Pyromancers however do not only play well in PvE, they are also extremely fierce in PvP battles, and have undeniably higher damage outputs compared to their ice counterparts.

Pyromancers are often the more preferred Elemental Lord build in large group PvP (8v8) as well as in guild Vs guild battles (16v16) because of the high AoE and damage of their skills.

Take note that Pyromancers aren’t only limited to fire skills, heck some people even cross linked 2nd job advancements, like ice-Pyromancer and fire-elestra. This is possible because of the two-ultimate skill system, in which you are able to waive the prerequisite ultimate skill of your alternate 2nd class advancement and therefore create cross builds.

Pyromancer Skill: Fireball EX

Pyromancer Skills

Pyromancer’s skills are entirely offensive, beefing up the damage with burning hand and fireball EX. Burning hand can go along with a critical, hence this is why most Pyromancers pump their crits and hellfire skill. (Passive skill that increase critical rate of fire skills in the elemental lord skill tree.)

Fireball EX

Skill Type: Passive

During 2nd or 3rd charging levels, left-click to fire improved fireballs. Alternatively, right click after the third charge to shoot 3 fireballs at a fan-shaped manner.

+20% damage for a third level charge

Simply makes an imba skill more imba. Even saw a 500k fireball damage from a high end FD Pyromancer build. Can even beat snipers when it comes to sniping.

Burning Hand

Skill Type: Passive

When using fire element skills, there is a small chance to deal extra damage.

  • Magic damage +20%
  • 15% Chance
  • Cooldown: 3.5 sec

Pyromancer Skill: Rolling Lava

Combined with Hellfire, this skill pumps up the Pyromancers DPS. And hey, this skill procs more often than you think. :)

Rolling Lava

Skill Type: Active

Summon a lava ball that rolls to the front. The lava will explode after a certain distance and deals significant damage.

Magic Damage 1024% + 8096

Huge huge damage, but very very slow. Very effective in PvE, but for PvP, you might need someone to set you up (Time stop, Spirit Boost, Ankle Snare, Bind etc..).

Pyromancer | Pyromancer Pros and Cons

As with every class, Pyromancer definitely has advantages as well as disadvantages. These however, are purely for general preference as the pros and cons of this class entirely depend upon your chosen build. And since these builds are already complex on its own (some builds focus on offense and others on survivability), these pros and cons aren’t always applicable.


  • Extreme Damage (Raw mDMG + Crit)
  • Final Damage Seleana build is faster in clearing dungeons in which enemies are immune to freeze.
  • Skills have better AoE considering their damage.
  • Fireball EX is extremely powerful in PvP.


  • Rolling Lava skill moves very slow.
  • Less survivability compared to Elestra (Ice Witch) – you can make up with your skills anyway. (Exception: Pyromancer Tanker Build)

Pyromancer | Pyromancer Builds

Pyromancer builds vary from pure Final Damage, critical and DPS, hybrid fire+ice, to a tanker one (shield). Since 2nd job advancements are not yet available in our home server, I cannot completely create a build for this one. For a complete reference on Pyromancer Builds check out the links below:

See how a fully-equipped pure Final Damage Pyromancer solo the level 50 ArchBishop Nest at Hell Mode: (Not yet available at DN NA and SEA)


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