Changing hosting providers – who and why

Before I start, let me state that we are NOT currently Changing hosting providers. This is an informative piece which has some very important information for anyone who runs a website or a blog and why they should consider Changing hosting providers and then to whom.

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Changing hosting providers

I was recently reading an article by DIMI on the main reasons you should change your wordpress hosting provider. The reasons they suggested were as follows:

  • Longer loading time than 5 seconds
  • Downtimes that appear out of the blue and can’t be easily fixed
  • They don’t offer 24/7 support
  • Messing up the database connection
  • Most of your support tickets are related to the server
  • Mailbox complications and emails falling through the crack
  • Internal errors you have no idea about
  • Limited MySQL databases
  • Impossibility to upgrade to the next tier hosting
  • Your site got suspended
  • Security concerns

I have to be candid here, most of the time I left because the site kept going down - not yet knowing the actual reasons. And then later due to costs. I jumped ship a few times when presented with $700+ bills.

When I first started this website, I was running off a friend's server. Worked well enough. But it was running as a subdomain, and while the hosting allowed me to host any pirated file I wanted, it was still a subdomain and not really worth that much. Some of you might wonder how I could directly host pirated files... even with DMCA and take-down notices. It was a private server, and the hosting company's IT guy had his own server connected. They also weren't part of the EU at the time - this was back in the late 90s.

Then when I decided to move it to my own hosting, I moved to 1&1. This worked great till my site got decent page rank. The moment we hit PR4-5, was the time we became inundated with spam bots and ddos attacks. This in turn caused my site to go down and them charging me a couple thousand - even though they had moved most of their hosting to unlimited plans, mine it seemed wasn't part of the upgraded servers.

Eventually, I moved to GoDaddy's unlimited plan when it was time to begin changing hosting providers. Again, all was ok - but then the site again got too big - but this time in the form of its database. We were over the 300mb uncompressed size and worse, we were running into constant down times, because of too many plugins - but some you really can't do without. So I tried various VPS hosts (cirrus) and even cloud hosting (media temple). Whew! I figured $100 a month for cloud hosting would be fine... I was making ok money, could keep it going. December was just under $100. January was around $250. February jumped to $800. Another change.

I tried one a buddy recommended (softlayer). This one was $150 a month as a base price - but since it wasn't unlimited traffic, my site ran out of bandwidth 2 weeks in. Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade...

Finally I stumbled across my current provider. I was actually searching for something else, in regards to torrents/seeding. But what I found was golden. I found a server for $55 a month, unlimited traffic, and 16gb of ram. Now mind you, it took me a long time to still get rid of the spam bots (100-300 spam messages daily), but in the meantime the hosting didn't go down during peak time and spambots didn't kill the site. I highly recommend checking out this company (dediseed).

Changing Hosting Providers

As for getting rid of the spam bots on WordPress, try a plugin called "Cookies for Comments". You will still get spam, but since it's not automated, if you're getting 100+ daily, expect it to go down to once daily, or less. I know there are other anti-spam programs as well, but if you rely on 3rd party access to your site - which I do, then they won't work as well.

Tip: If you've ever thought about hosting your own gaming server, go with Dediseed. Between the Ram and the Bandwidth allowances, you'll be set. Of course also being able to host in the Netherlands is also a good thing too.

Of the 10 things listed at the top of this article in regards to why you should consider changing hosting providers, they don't have 24/7 dedicated support. And the issues with email that I have had, are related to phpmail and people deciding they didn't after all sign up for my monthly newsletter where I was giving away free steam keys.


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