D3: Establishing the price of gold on the RMAH

Did you know that the price of gold on the RMAH is probably the least important value you need to be aware of as an auctioneer?

written by Markco

Take these Keen Simple Hand Crossbows for example (damn it there goes one of my favorite niche markets, oh well it's for the sake of learning!). I have been buying these for between 10,000 and 20,000 gold, and selling them for $0.97 (after fees) within minutes on the RMAH. So, on average, 100,000 gold is worth at least $6.50 using this strategy. Note that for this example I used Battlenet Balance instead of Paypal (which would have been around $0.64 per Crossbow.

So whenever I'm looking at using up auction slots on new markets, I try to make sure that I can come close to similar profit margins compared to these Keen Simple Hand Crossbows. Sure, you want to at least know the price that gold is trading at as a starting point, but you really should be able to double if not triple that amount with your own strategies.

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  1. shizzlefizzle says:

    Do you mind tell the stats of that bow ? Do you flip other items aswell, whats your best item/stats to buy and sell other than this?

    Keep the good work on D3 and I will allways keep subscribing .

    Thanks for the support

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