D3: The RMAH Shuffle aka Flipping for profits

Written by Markco

That first sale, mmhmmm how good it feels! You post your auctions with fear and anxiety until you make that first sale. Suddenly the veil is lifted and a surge of confidence flows through your veins. Now it's possible and not just a crazy dream.

Bought for 26,000 Gold: Sold for $0.84 After Fees

Perhaps you have not experienced this feeling yet, so today I'm going to share with you an important skill for selling on the real money auction house. In a word, it's "Budgeting," but that sounds no where near as exciting as it actually is.

Bought for 125,000 Gold: Sold for $5.95 After Fees

There are three funds you need to manage in Diablo 3. First up is your gold, and it is incredibly important not to lose sight of your gold stockpiles. Should this hit zero, then one of your primary item acquisition methods will be gone. Second, you need to keep a Battlenet Balance as well. This will be  your second best item acquisition method. Third, you'll want a wad of cash in your paypal account to show off to friends. Actually, you'll want some money in there in case you ever have to revive your Battle.net Balance because an awesome deal is just a little too expensive for your current purse size.

Bought at 95,000 Gold: Sold for $2.55 After Fees

To make this whole tri-money system work, you need to have a feeling in your gut for what gold is worth in terms of dollars. Forget the going exchange rate right now, because you're going to make double that if not more. For me, I like to make $1 per 20,000 gold. At worst I will go with $1 per 50,000 gold, but only if I know the item is a super fast seller. By having some sort of internal exchange rate for yourself, you can measure strategies and ah deals against your metric. If they don't meet your standards, then you drop the market and move on to the next one.

Bought at 54,999 Gold: Sold for $0.64 After Fees


You need gold to buy items. As I said already, gold is the best way for you to acquire deals. Bidding and buying deals on the gold auction house will enable you to do two things: 1. Flip and make more gold for bidding/buying additional items, and 2. Arbitrage over to the Real Money Auction House to supplement your Battle.net Balance or Paypal account.

Bought at 3,000 Gold: Sold for $1.27 After Fees

Battle.net Balance

Why have a bnet balance in the first place? Well, if you're going to be flipping items and invensting on the RMAH, then why would you want to take a 15% cut into your investment fund every transaction? You're much better off maintaining a battlenet balance and then only occasionally cashing out with new auctions when you want money in the paypal balance. Just like on the gold auction house, you will want to buy and bid on great deals in order to flip them. Since you have a value for gold per dollar in your head, you can buy items on the RMAH and sell them on the gold auction house for big profits coming back to the RMAH later.

Bought at 20,000 Gold: Sold for $0.31 After Fees


PayPal Account

Once in a while you're going to want to cash out and buy some stuff to celebrate. Could be a dinner for your signifigant other, a new video game, or maybe some sweet gaming laptop. That's why eventually you want funds coming into your PayPal account. In addition to cashing out, there may be times when your gold or battlenet balance needs a little help to take advantage of an unusually high number of deals on either auction house. That's when it would be a good idea to use your PayPal account to temporarily loan money to your other balances.

Bought at 4,000 Gold: Sold For $0.21 After Fees

The really great auctioneers manage to raise all three of these balances in unison, while still moving funds between each to take advantage of great deals. If you'd like to start learning what items to search for to make the most money, check out these RMAH Strategies. They have enabled me to easily make $5 per 100,000 gold!

Bought for 50,000 Gold: Sold for $3.39 After Fees

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