Diablo 3: 18k Gold an Hour farming guide

Probably, many of you may already now how to do it. In fact, there are no secrets to it. The hard part is getting your gold finding gear. Once you have your gear, then you will be able to maximize your profits to no end.

Note this guide was written during beta. The numbers could change, making the gold per hour to change as well.

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Step one: get as much gold find as possible

Right now my Barbarian is at 189% gold finding (I could be at 208% because I bought a 19% gold finding amulet, but AH bugged and I can’t send it to my shared stash). In order to reach high amounts of gold finding, you will need gold find in every piece of your gear. In Beta, your armor pieces (boots, legs, belt, chest, gloves, bracers, shoulder, and helmet) you can have 18% gold find. Try to get at least 16% in each piece. Probably the rarer gold finding armor pieces in Beta are the Helmets and the Belts. As for rings and amulets, you can have 15% gold find in rings and 30% in amulets. Rings are not that hard to find. Amulets, on other hand, are super rare. Try to save as much Beta Bucks as possible to buy a gold finding amulet from the AH, because it’s really rare to find one. Another important part is your Shield or offhand weapon. You can get extra 18% gold find from your shield, do don’t forget to equip it. Finally, you want to equip your follower with a shield, two rings, and an amulet, all with gold finding. You get about 20% of your follower gold find, so if you equip him with a 18% shield, two 15% rings, and a 30% amulet (total of 63%), will get about 12% gold finding (20% of 60%).

Step two: set your checkpoint to the Royal Crypts

Go to the end of the crypts, just in front of the door to the Skeleton King. Don’t fight the Skeleton King, just get the checkpoint in front of the door. If you fight and kill the Skeleton King, you will lose the checkpoint (and you do not want that to happen).

Step three: farm, farm, farm!

Starting from the checkpoint, farm the whole Royal Crypts breaking all jars, looting, and killing everything until the entrance of the crypts. Get all gold and blues. Try to do it as fast as possible. If you play a Barbarian, use your jump to jump over walls, doors, etc. Same thing applies for other classes: use your movement skills to move faster and your AoE skills to break many jars at the same time. Once you reach the entrance of the crypts, leave the game and start again. You will be at the checkpoint, right in front of the Skeleton King door. Just repeat all the farming. Try to average about 5-6 minutes for each run and you’ll be fine. Another thing: always play single players games, cos they are faster.

Formula for Gold Finding

Finally, if you want to know how much gold you’ll be able to farm per hour using this strategy with your current percentage of gold finding, use the following formula:

[(100 + % GOLD FIND)/100]x6435

So, if you have  150% gold find, the formula will work like that:

[(100 + 150)/100]x6435 = 16087

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