Diablo 3: Act 3 Inferno Farming with less then 5M invested

One of the smartest things you can do for improving your farming output (and thereby generating more wealth in the Diablo 3 RMAH and gold Auction Houses) is to get your character up to the point where you can reliably farm in Inferno Act 3 with a reasonably low number of deaths. Act 3 Inferno has the best percentage chances of dropping items worth staggering amounts. This is especially important in 1.0.5 with the introduction of Monster Power, as all mobs will be at this level.

Getting to that point, however, has historically been quite difficult or expensive to do. The gear needed to be able to get to the point of rarely dying in Act 3 Inferno has typically been extremely expensive, typically in the 50 million range - at which point you need to buy D3 gold to afford it. Instead of 50M, this guide will teach you to do it for around 5 million. Of course the cost is only half of the equation, the build with the most survivability is the other half, which we will also share with you.

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