Diablo 3: Cashing out your battle.net balance from the RMAH

If you've been using the RMAH, and sending your money to your battle.net balance, waiting to build it up and cash it out, you're in for a surprise. In fact it's the same surprise that I was in for. You see you have 2 options on selling items on the RMAH. You can either send the money to your paypal account - or you can send it to your battle.net balance. I figured I would build up my balance and then cash it out as an all at once kind of thing. But there is a nasty thing which happens. Blizzard made it so that if you send the money to your balance, you can't in fact cash it out. But there is a couple tricks to pulling the money out...

These are really common sense ways of pulling out the money, but if you need a little help with it, such as needing a friend to help, I am here for you.

The first way to pull money off your battle.net balance, is to goto the battle.net store and purchase items. These items can be things you can sell on the open market like ebay, craigslist, or even a local swapmeet. Or they can be items which you can use to sell on a trade forums such as CDKeys for different games like Starcraft 2 or even the next WoW expansion. Unfortunately, you can't purchase additional copies of Diablo 3, which is what I have mostly hoped for.

Another method is similar, which is to buy a digital item, such as pets or mounts in the game WoW, and trade them for gold. You then sell the gold on a trade forums or somewhere like players auctions, to recuperate your costs.

Now the last and final method, requires a friend to help. He or She lists an item up for sale, with a strange amount, and tells you exactly what the item looks like, meaning items stats. And then you look for all the items with those stats, and that price. If there are more then one item with the exact buyout price, you ask your friend to relist the item, or a different item. Just make sure that when the item is listed, that the monies goto the PayPal balance. One other thing, to make for easier findings, list grey and white items on the RMAH. Unfortunately, when you use the last method, Blizzard will take another 30% + 3% in fees. Basically, overall, you will have lost 48% of the item value you listed.


If you don't have a friend who can help for that last method, you can contact me on the contact form to help you. I will list an item and then take a 5% fee to sending you the monies. Note that the monies must land in my PayPal balance before I send you the monies. I will send a payment via PayPal's gift feature and will NOT pay the fees.

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