Diablo 3: How to kill the Treasure Bandit or Pygment

If you have 2 people, this is immensely easy. If you don't, then it's a little harder, but knowing the mechanics of this critter, will make your job on killing this midget, makes it easier.

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Treasure Bandit or Pygment is always running in the opposite direction of the player (+/-), and that make it very useful while you're in group of at least 2 players.
What you want to do is to "ambush" him between 2 players and preferable some corner (see image below) - this way, the creature will be trapped between 2 players and a corner. Of course he still can escape as he is not moving only in one direction but this will surely make it easier for you to kill that little bastard everytime you see him. Using this same method, you can also kill him a singular dungeon, just drive him into a room if you can.

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