Diablo 3: Key Bindings guide

Key Bindings are always an important factor for anyone playing a video game.  There will be many things while playing Diablo 3 that will be beneficial to you when playing with bound hot keys.

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  • Faster use of moves
  • Having moves ready to use if they are on cooldowns
  • Faster reaction times with casting certain spells
  • Faster reactions in panic situations
  • Faster reactions to using a health pot
  • Faster reactions to cast a heal to save your life
  • Ability to pay attention to what is happening on your screen rather then starring at the skills at the bottom of your screen
  • Pay attention to mobs
  • Pay attention to allies

Those are all some basic buffs to your game play that key bindings will improve.  There are not many things that should hold you back from using key bindings.  Key bindings will dramatically increase your gaming performance, in PvE, PvP, and even Questing situations.  You will never have that down time or delay between moves because you will be triggering your fingers much faster then you would if you were using your mouse to click your skills.  Here are some things that clicking will affect in your gaming

  • Slower reactions
  • Being late with using abilities
  • Dying before being able to click your health pot
  • Can’t see whats happening on screen
  • Lose sight of you character
  • Die in panic situations because you can’t react fast enough

Those six points are just very basic things that can go wrong in your game play when not using hot keys.  At first using hot keys may feel or be uncomfortable, difficult, annoying, or too complex.  But, the human body is a wonderful thing and it will learn to adapt to different types of play style before you know it.  As long as you keep practicing / training you will learn how to use hot keys like a professional.  The main thing is being persistent and using those hot keys that you are getting use to and learning.  It will be a difficult process if you try to integrate too many hot keys into your gaming process right away.  I would advise you to use 4-6 hot keys at first and get the feel for using hot keys, then integrate more and more into your game play.  For example, I personally use over 35 hot keys for when I play certain games, this is all used with just my one hand, my left hand to be exact.  Using Shift + keys = maximum key binding along with Ctrl + keys, the hot keys are of abundance when gaming, you just need to find what fits your play style, but clicking is a no go, use your hot keys.

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  1. Paradox says:

    You forgot to mention that half the people playing this game are experiencing a bug that forces you to remap your keys everytime you play.

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