Diablo 3: Multiboxing to maximize profits

We all know that farming will be very important in Diablo 3 in order to find super rare items, mats for crafting, and tons of gold. That said, how’s the best way to farm? Many players have been arguing that multiboxing in Diablo 3 is going to be king, allowing you to farm almost four times more gold/items in the same amount of time. Today we will take a look at what multiboxing is and its possibilities in Diablo 3.

What is Multiboxing?

Multiboxing is when you play a game with two or more accounts at the same time. For example, in World of Warcraft, many players used to multibox 4 Shamans, because they could simply one shot other players in Battlegrounds in one second with their spells. In order to be able to control four characters at the same time and in perfect coordination, you need especial software or hardware, as well as in game macros if available. Software multiboxing is the most common way of multiboxing, since you need just one computer, where you run all instances of the game and mimic/broadcast keystrokes e mouse movements and commands to all clients of the game through a background software. Hardware multibox is more complex and expensive, because you need many computers, as well as proper devices such mice and keyboards that control all computers at the same time. If you want to know more about multiboxing, just search the term “multibox” or “multiboxing” on Google and you will find plenty of sites explaining and talking about it.

Is it possible to multibox in Diablo 3?

Yes, but it’s not going to be so simple. First because there are no in-game macros such as “follow”, “target”, etc. So you can’t do things like command secondary characters to follow a primary one. Second because you play mainly using the mouse and the camera follows you, which means that unless all characters are in the same spot, the mouse cursor will be in a different position on each screen. For example, let’s say all your characters are in the same spot (the middle of the screen). Your mouse will be in the same position on all screens, allowing you to control the movements of all characters. Now let’s say you start a fight against a rare mob and it knocks all your characters back. Now all of them are in different positions, all the four mouse cursors are on different parts of the screen, and you can’t control them properly. If you click to attack the mob on one screen, on the other screen you will be clicking on an empty space, and the character on this screen will just move without attacking the mob. Those are just some examples of the difficulties to multibox in Diablo 3. However, I’m sure multibox experts out there, especially people that develop software for multibox, will find ways to multibox in Diablo 3.

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Will Multibox be allowed in Diablo 3?

The best answer for that is: we don’t know yet. The reason we don’t it is basically because multiboxing was allowed in World of Warcraft (and probably many other games), but with the Realm Money Auction House in place, things can change. Farming is going to be huge in Diablo 3, and the main reason for multiboxing will be the ability to get four times as much loot/gold. If you can multibox 4 accounts and farm effectively, regular “one account farmers” won’t have any chance at all against you. We’ll just have to wait and see what is Blizzard position regarding multiboxing. They already said they’ll be watching for 3rd party software running in the background, which can mean that we may not be allowed to software multibox. Jon, a member of http://diablo.incgamers.com forum, made a very interesting comment: I think blizzard won't care about multiboxing because whether it's 1 player controlling 4 characters or 4 players controlling 4 players it’s still 4 characters receiving loot on 4 different loot tables and there’s still a human controlling the characters being multiboxed. As far as blizzard not charging a subscription for Diablo 3, I don't see how it'll matter to them. A multiboxer will still be paying fees for whatever they sell on the RMAH which I would think would amount to more than a regular player, hence blizzard not only just sold an extra 3 copies of diablo 3 but are also getting more money from a multiboxer in fees. I remember awhile back, Blizzard said they aren't against multiboxing in Diablo 3 and that people will figure it out. I am 100% positive that Blizzard will allow multiboxing. They just had to implement no 3rd party software to kill any possibility of bots, which unintentionally means no multiboxing software, not no multiboxing. Well, I hope Jon is right, because I’ll definitely multibox if Blizzard allows it.

What are the best classes for multiboxing in Diablo 3?

In my view, Witch Doctors and Mages will be the best classes for multibox in Diablo 3. Witch Doctors because they can summon pets, which do all the killing for you. Mages due to their huge AoE skills. Demon Hunters would be the next class, just because they mainly use ranged attacks. Barbarians and Monks would be really hard to multibox because they are melee, especially the Monk with all his dashes and crazy movement skills.

Will multibox be necessary for farming?

If you’re serious about making gold farming, multibox is a must (if multibox is allowed, of course). Let’s say you can farm 30k gold per hour in a certain spot. A multiboxer farming the same spot will be able farm 90-120k per hour, which means they can farm as much as you do in much less time and spend time working on other things/revenue streams, or they can just farm insane amounts of gold that would take you forever to farm. My final advice is: keep your eyes open and be ready to multibox if necessary. We probably will have more news regarding if multibox is or isn’t allowed before release or when people start being banned for doing it (in that case you don’t want to do it!).

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