Diablo 3: Selling Cheap-o, making money on the RMAH now

If you hadn't read a recent post about selling on the RMAH, I wanted to point out a few simple things. You don't have to sell only Inferno level 60+ items. In fact selling some level 30-55 works just as well. Just don't over-inflate the auctions. A good way is to search the Money side and see what prices the items are going for. Stats matters a little, but overall, they won't matter too much when you're just starting out. It's a good idea to keep track of which items with which stats sell on a spreadsheet, and which items don't sell as well. Just list them with Google docs if you don't have your own spreadsheet program.

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Remember, never list an item for less then $1.50. This should be the base line, as when you sell an item, you are going to get hit first with the $1 listing fee, and then the 15% final value fee, as well as a 15% transfer to PayPal and finally a $.30 fee. Basically this means you won't lose money on an $1.50 item. You also won't make money however. So make sure to also list a buyout a few dollars higher. An item with a $2.99 buyout ought to net you about $1. Now I know you're thinking that sucks, but when you just vendor it, thats 100-500 gold, which really does suck, lol.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that when you under-price, you are more likely to sell. This means you can list another item up for sale much quicker. If I list high, and am likely to sell an item only on the weekend, then this also means that all the times I list and it doesn't sell, it's just wasting a lot I could sell something smaller more often. So place a lot of low value items on the RMAH, make $1 on each of them, but sell a LOT of them through-out the day. 

One last thing to keep in mind, is to always mark it as sending to your PayPal balance - unless you plan to buy off the RMAH as well. If you plan to buy then by all means keep the cash there. If you make a mistake and send the money to your Battle.net account, then you can still cash out your battle.net balance, it's just a little more difficult.

One Final Tip: Buy gold from MMOGoldSales, and then use it to buy items to flip on the RMAH. You can buy the gold for less then $5 per million, then use the gold to buy up items on the Gold Auction House super cheap, flipping them for a lot of cash, easily making your money back. Imagine buying 50 items on the Gold AH and flipping them for $.50 cents profit each. Instant gratification, Instant return on investment!

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