Diablo 3: Speed Leveling Tip – DPS

Remember the last 2 tips I gave you to speed leveling (Questing & Enhancements)? I gave you them, in part because, we can level from 1-60 by hand so quickly now, it doesn't hurt to share with you some of how we do it. I mean it's so simple, you don't even need a bot to do it.

This 3rd tip encompasses DPS, and what you need to know about this stat, and how it applies to your character. We cover which stats besides DPS you should look for as well as some other information you should know.


For EARLY game, Normal mode Act 1 to End of Nightmare mode Act 4.. Focus on DPS.

This is one major factor that cut down most of your leveling time, especially EARLY STAGE.

You will spend A LOT less time to run through quests if you can 2 swing 90% of the mobs.

DPS is the only thing you would want to focus before Inferno for efficiency killing. If you can kill a mob with 1 hit, don’t spend it with 10 hits. That is how time saving this can be with THE RIGHT weapon on hand.

There is nothing more important than DPS, not life per kill, additional damage, minimal max add damage, or anything else … Just DPS. The big word DPS. Period. Buy the highest DPS weapon with good level reduction that you can afford, with the lowest buyout/bid price. That is the only thing you should focus in weapon buying! The rest are only addons.

There is one common question often heard – “What about buying weapons with attributes that improve my class damage and life? (For example for wizard, buying a wand/staff with high intelligence and vitality attribute for better killing and survivability)”

The answer is no. DPS is still, always the main priority focus

How To Buy High DPS weapon Effectively (and Cheap)?

Everyone can say "get the best DPS weapon, or outgear the content so you can overpower on any mobs"! It’s easy to say but we don’t start a character with 2 million gold in our pocket, do we? So that leads to the 2nd part of this guide...

You need to understand this, while we’re speed leveling, we will be changing weapons every 5-10 levels, so here we’re NOT aiming to get any godly items. We just want to be as effective as we can, with the criteria below:

  • Look for a 2-hander (any class)
  • Don’t set any criteria in your search
  • Limit buy to 30,000 to start, increasing to 50,000 max.

Let me explain:

From Normal to Nightmare mode, you can usually 1 or 2 hit KO most mobs with a high DPS 2-hander weapon. Where as you can skip all the “Increase Attack Speed” issues because they don’t come into place early game.

The more criterias you set in your search, will only lower the DPS of the weapon you can find given a limited budget to buy. In this case we just want to focus on the highest DPS weapon for the cheapest price.

If you limit your buyout price at 30,000, you can already see what weapons are the best buys, then slowly increasing to 40,000 then 50,000 will show you more weapons that have higher DPS.

However, a lot of times, you will notice that the weapon DPS will increase just a little bit as compared to the one priced with 30,000 gold, that’s when you buyout the 30,000 gold one and save about 20,000 in your pocket.

Don’t spend too much money on early game, 50,000 gold weapons will usually net you a pretty decent weapon.

DON’T be afraid to spend money, I’m not asking you to spend few hundred thousands, but you SHOULD be spending money like what I said above. Don’t worry because when you hit Inferno Mode you will make back all your money back and more in no time…

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