Diablo 3: Things to know about Gems and socketing in items

Today we’ll take a look at Diablo 3 gem system. Gems are special item that can be socketed into your weapons and armor, providing bonus for your character. According to the Diablo 3 Official site, there are currently 4 types of gems: amethysts, emeralds, rubies, and topazes.

Gems Bonus Stats

Amethysts give you life percentage when socketed into helms. When socketed in other equipment, amethysts give you Vitality.

Emeralds give you better change of finding magical items when socketed into helms. When socketed in other equipment, emeralds give you Dexterity.

Rubies increases the experience you gain per kill when socketed into helms. When socketed in other equipment, rubies give you Strength.

Topazes give you extra gold from monsters when socketed into helms. When socketed in other equipment, topazes give you Intelligence.

Now, looking at the information above from the perspective of a Diablo 3 Entrepreneur, what can we learn? Well, first, note that there is one gem for each primary attribute (Vitality, Dexterity, Strength, and Intelligence). This means that, in order to maximize DPS, Barbarians will be stacking Rubies, Monks and Demon Hunters will be stacking Emeralds, and Witch Doctors and Mages will be stacking Topazes. This means that demand for these gems will be constant and high. I don’t know if players will be stacking Vitality through gems, maybe just the vitality from gear plus the DPS from the gems is enough for them to survive in Hell and Inferno mode (or maybe it’s not and they will have to use some vitality gems). In any case, I believe that there will be demand for vitality gems, but not so much like the other gems. However, for Helms, Amethysts will be mandatory, because they give you life percentage. All players will use Amethysts in their helms when they are not using Gold Find, Magic Find or Plus Experience gear sets.

As for the other gems, when socketed in Helms, Emeralds give you Better Change of Finding Magical Items, Rubies give you increased experience per kill and Topazes give you extra gold from monster. This will just help to increase the demand for those items gems.

Gems quality levels

Gems can have up to 14 quality levels, each level giving better stats than the previous one. You can combine thee gems of the same level into one of the next level. To do this, you will need to take the gems to the Jeweler and pay a small fee. There is some very interesting information about the leveling process for gems on DaibloWiki.net.

Gems can be found at levels 1-5, and with a maximum level of 14, the process of upgrading a gem all the way to the top should be a very long term project. If the current 3>1 upgrading ratio remains unchanged, then it would require 1,594,323 level 1 gems to make a single level 14 gem (3^(14 – 1)). To give you an idea how long this would take, just upgrading the gems that many times would take 664 hours of nonstop clicking, assuming you could complete one upgrade per second.

The maths isn’t quite as daunting if you assume you’ll be upgrading level 5 gems; it only requires 19,683 level 5 gems to make one level 14 gem. Happily, Jay Wilson has said that they’re open to tweaking the formulae if it’s taking too long; instead of 3>1 they might turn it down to 2>1 at higher levels, as was done with higher level Runes in Diablo II. It would only require 512 L5 gems to upgrade to a L14, if the requirement was 2>1 all the way up.

As you can see here, we will need TONS of gems in order to make high quality gems. This means that high quality gems will be rare and expensive. However, what you need to know is the relationship between gem values. For exemple: if level 5 gems are worth $3, level 6 gems should ne worth $9 plus the Jeweler fee. So if you can buy level 5 gems for less than $3, combine them into level 6 gems and sell them, you can profit. Of course it’s not going to be so simple. You’ll need to take the Jeweler fees and the auction house fees into consideration, as well as having a solid knowledge about prices and cycles (when prices are high and low). In the future I’ll be creating and sharing with you guys some Excel tables to calculate the relative values of gems. You can also use this awesome Gem Calculator done my Meldora.

Gems be unsocketed  from items

The Jeweler can unsocket gems from your items, which means you will never lose a gem. This means that each day there will be more gems in the game, and each day the prices will drop. Different from gold, which will be constantly spend on repairs, crafting and items from the GHA, there is no way to take gems out of the game and out of the market. That’s why we may have just to farm and sell everything we got in the first weeks/months, and focus on upgrading and/or buying/reselling  gems after a while, when the prices go down.


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