Diablo 3: Top 6 Tips to making money in D3 today

Some people think that now, it's impossible to make money in Diablo 3. That's actually wrong. In fact, some people are still selling items and making hundreds of dollars, albeit not at the same speed as they were when the game first released. Here are 6 tips which can help you a bit in making money.

Never forget the small amounts
Don't be afraid to sell smaller amounts of items, not just large stacks. It might not be a lot at any given time, but every little helps. In the end you might get richer than you thought, selling the lesser stacks.

Timing is everything
Keep in mind that there are natural changes on prices during the week. Buy off the gold AH when things are cheap and sell when prices are high.

Know your prices
If there's a market you're spending a lot of time and money on, know whats cheap and what you can get for your items.

Start small - grow big
Spreading your money on different markets minimizes your losses.

Stay informed
Know about today's and tomorrow's changes in game. In other words, read the patch notes!

Be patient
Underpricing an item because you didn't sell the first time makes you lose money.

Don't forget that its not immoral to get rich!

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written by Thuata

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