Free Game Guide via Amazon – $50 worth

Here's a tip on how to get a Free Game Guide via Amazon, with a $50 value. Note that these are physical guides which you can obtain, but includes free shipping, since you will hit the threshold for free shipping if you order them all at once.

Free Game Guide via Amazon

Try 30 days free Amazon AudibleIn order to get a Free Game Guide via Amazon, you need to first sign up for their 30 day free trial of Audible. Just by signing up, they are going to also give you 2 free audiobooks. 

Ok, after you sign up for your free trial, Amazon is giving you a $50 credit for one physical book. You can choose which ever book you want, including non-game guides, but just remember it's only on One (1) physical book.

Order your book, then after they ship it, go ahead and cancel your free trial membership to Audible. Just remember, the more Amazon accounts you have, the more free trials you can sign up for, and the more $50 credits you will also receive.

Free Game Guide steps

  1. Sign up for Audible Free Trial Here
  2. Get $50 free Credit towards 1 physical book.
  3. Order Book. Order 2 free Audiobooks.
  4. Cancel Audible (or keep it, your choice).

Free Game Guide via Amazon

Let us know your results on if this Free Game Guide method worked for you, and if so, what you bought!

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