Popularize Youtube Twitch Channels

Popularize Youtube Twitch ChannelsYou might not know how to Popularize Youtube Twitch Channels, so I figure I can teach you. The most important parts, are needing viewers and recording software. There are a few softwares to choose from, but if you are going to be using some sort of gaming play then you're going to want to check out this Game Screen Recording Software List, we posted a short time back. Of the ones listed, Bandicam is the newest, and allows for picture-in-picture, which is great for showing your reaction. This is a huge plus, if you want to popularize your content with your face, and not just your playing style.

Popularize Youtube Twitch Channels

The question which probably comes to mind, is why do you need to Popularize Youtube Twitch Channels? The more followers you get and the more views you receive, the more money you can potentially make. It all comes down to advertisements on your videos, product mentions and placements, and finally sponsorship and later, free stuff.

Popularize Youtube - Fake Hits

So to go about the process of Popularize Youtube Twitch Channels, after you have a screen recording software is simple. You're going to use fake hits - which appear real to the video sites. This will drive your numbers up, which in turn drives up the popularity of the videos, and then getting actual views which legitimizes the content.

I would first recommend that you signup and download the Software for HitLeap Traffic Exchange. When you signup, you are going to create an account, then login (after verifying your email). Make sure to use a real Email address, as you will need to use it to both login and check on your money making progress. After you create your HitLeap account, you will need to add a website, video, or channel. This is where you will add the link to your videos. Since you really want to link to your videos, you are going to want to change the view time to something like 30-45 seconds.

Tip: Run the Hitleap AutoSurf in a sandbox, to ensure you keep your computer safe from unwanted software.

I have to STRONGLY suggest at this point, that you pay for the pro version of Hitleap so you can change the referral website to something like wikipedia or even this site. If you don't, then your referral traffic will come from Hitleap, which is a  flag. It won't necessarily stop the money you make, but it won't help it, and might get removed. So pay for the next tier up, and refer the traffic from a more legitimate url.

Popularize Youtube - Using proxies

Note that you will need to run the Hitleap software to autosurf and rack up credits for yourself, which are then applied to other people watching your content. It is possible to have multiple accounts, but you will either need the Pro version of Sandboxie, routing through multiple proxies, or use a Virtual Box, again routing through multiple proxies. You get a private proxy here, or opt for public ones such as those found here.

The final method to Popularize Youtube Twitch Channels, is to get your links out there. Put the url on Facebook, pay for some cheap advertising on Project Wonderful, link your channel from Reddit and other forums. 

Once you have everything setup and running smoothly, take a break and enjoy a private dance. You've earned it.

Popularize Youtube Twitch - Your signature

Now it's time to talk about what brings people back - your signature. Sometimes its your commentary, sometimes its your reactions, or even just your play style. But the highest rated channels are quirky in their own rights. This means that the most popular self published channels tend to have strange personalities. We as a people aren't attracted to the authors who are boring and barely talk. We want to watch someone who is interesting and keeps are interest.

What ever you do in your channel, be it playing games, do makeup, just talk, or whatever - it can't be boring. Have fun, play with your audience. Even if you're not live, you need to get people to watch and this is your time to shine. Talk to the camera as though it's a person, as though you are talking to thousands.

It will take some time, don't expect overnight success. In a few months, you too can be one of YouTube's or Twitch's stars and main attractions by following this guide to Popularize Youtube Twitch Channels.

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