Win Free Bitcoin Multiply BTC game

Do you like to play games? If so, I bet you love winning even more - and its even better when you make money too. I have a method I have been using to Win Free Bitcoin with their Multiply BTC game. I like this soft-wallet for 2 reasons. First, I make bitcoin by referring people in (which I then share back to the active users), and second because I earn compound interest in the range of 4% per year. It's not enough to beat inflation, but my money keeps going up. As long as it keeps going up, I make more money.

Win Free Bitcoin

About a year back, when Bitcoin hit $400, I was in financial straights and transferred most of my money out of my Bitcoin portfolio. Woe becomes me, as I look at the price f Bitcoin today. I had actually left about $5 in my account, and from there, have made some sound investments. How can they be sound when it's only $5? Well for one, I loaned it out and got interest back. I also invested in some Bitcoin IPOs, for which I receive dividends monthly. And now, I am also earning interest and best of all I also Win Free Bitcoin daily

Here's how I do it. First of all its important that you transfer money into your account. How much is up to you. I would recommend at least $50 worth though. Once you do that, head on over to their MultiplyBTC game (link at the top of the page).

Tip: If you don't have Bitcoin, click here to see where you can go, to invest in it.

Win Free Bitcoin - Double up

Then its a matter of just picking high or low, and how much you want to bet. The key is, not to bet the same amount. You cannot win, betting the same amount, nor can you win if you double up each time, using the martingale system. Double-up to catch-up, only wins your initial bet. So if you bet 2, and keep doubling up till you finally win - even if it's just to 1024, you now have 1022 invested. You make only 2 of whatever you bet. You could however bet 2x + 1. In which case you will make a few of the items, investing less.

Win Free Bitcoin - Revised Double up

I personally am using a revised double up, I actually quadruple up. So if my initial wager is 2, I then bet 8, then 32, then 128, etc. In the screenshot below, you will see that I started at 0.00000016 bitcoin, and got to 0.00065536 bitcoin before I won. Using my system, I lost 0.00021830 bitcoin before winning, leaving me with a profit of 0.00043706. It is entirely possible to lose 20 in a row, keep that in mind. At some point, you will need to cut your losses.

Win Free Bitcoin

Win Free Bitcoin - Alternative method

If quadrupling up seems too risky, then I recommend the triple up method. Bet 1, then 3, then 9, 27, 81, etc. If you win at 81, you win 41 units. I have actually used this method to win playing Craps, in the field, in Las Vegas. Since you get a chance at doubling or even tripling on 2 or 12, this can make a lot of money - but you need to have a high limit table, and the bank roll to do it.

Win Free Bitcoin - Profit

Don't forget. If you can't invest money, you can also pick-up free Bitcoin under the Free BTC tab. It's not a lot, but you can use this to multiply your profits using this Win Free Bitcoin method.

Tip: Once you start playing the games, check out the Rewards tab, and spend some points into the Free BTC Bonus. This will allow you to collect more free BTC daily, which you can then re-invest in their Multiply BTC game.

I love this game, for one other reason. I am only betting change, and winning value that keeps going up. The more I invest, the more I get back. While 4% compound interest isn't a lot, with my daily stakes play, I am making much more than the 4% daily bonus, and so can you. Isn't it time you also looked into how you can Win Free Bitcoin with their Multiply BTC game? 

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