Write an Essay in One Night – How To Guide

Have you ever asked yourself ‘how do I write an essay in one night, if that's all I have left?’ We have the answer! Read the article and get to know how to turn it into reality.

Write an Essay in One Night

write an essay in one nightI, like many people, am a persistent procrastinator. We are inclined to put off the things for tomorrow instead of carrying it out here and now. Before you know it, there is no tomorrow anymore: you have only one day to cope with your task - in this case, write an essay in one night. Who else but students are aware of this widespread problem? They used to delay their writing assignments and do them in a hurry within the last night. This approach seems to be not the best way to get a high grade. Still, here are some tips you will find handy that can help you complete any assignment within the shortest possible time.

Picking the Right Topic

Those who already know how to write an essay usually start with the topic selection. But when you need to craft a paper in one day, or even write an essay in one night, the key word is “right”. This time, it is not the main goal to stand out from the crowd, choose the issue which you completely understand. The more information you have about the subject in your head, the better. Also, check the web for some additional data sources – you should refer to a lot of them. Don’t feel frustrated, there’s nothing wrong with writing about typical things if you disclose them from a new angle.

Gather and Systematize the Information

Next, you should search for relevant data from all the sources are available. Use books, journals, articles or even movies and videos as a reference. However, it is unacceptable to waste your precious time on long-term research. Set aside a considerable amount of time on this stage, about one hour. The best way to accelerate the process is to search for not only the topic title but also keywords that can be inherent in your essay.

After you have gathered all the sources, you need to link evidence with your thoughts and arguments that will be represented in your essay.

Write an Outline within 20 Minutes

write an essay in one nightSure, you have heard many times that an outline is a very important part of any paper writing. At first sight, it is useless when you have a clear understanding of what you are going to write. Still, let’s compare an outline for an essay with a sketch. Even the most talented painter finds it complicated to draw the perfect picture without any preparation. A widespread myth about “creative mess” is just a delusion, because the majority of successful artists prefer staying organized, so should you.

But now you are facing the lack of time, so your outline should be concise and without details. For composing such a plan you need to:

  • List all the ideas that come to your mind and connect them with the source of information which will be used as a reference;

  • Ask yourself questions on the topic and answer them briefly;

  • Note possible ways to start your paper and conclude;

  • Create a structure of your future work.

Making a Schedule for the Essay in One Day

While working on non-urgent essays, as well as urgent papers, in order to prevent the episodes of procrastination, you must develop a strict timetable. It should consist of working hours and multiple breaks between them. Divide the essay into parts and set the deadline for each of them. Every 2-3 hours you need a break for a meal and stretch if you want to Write an Essay in One Night. Nonetheless, you can’t distract during the completion of your assignment – show the willpower and finish the paragraph before having a rest.

Always leave a few hours to take your mind off by doing something else that you really like. It would be better to revise the paper with fresh eyes. If you don't have time at all, ask your friend or a relative to proofread your composition instead of you. Put some finishing touches on your work and have a good sleep.

Even though it is not easy to pull yourself together and cope with such a task, you are definitely able to do it. The key thing is concentration. Before you start, turn off your phone, log out from the social networks and lock the door to your room to make sure nobody bothers you. And, of course, do not close the tab with this article!

Final Word on How to Write an Essay in One Night

Finally, remember that to Write an Essay in One Night, you will need to plan ahead. Have your energy boosters and high protein foods like nuts and veggies ready to give your mind that breakthrough to make it through the night. Less sugary foods are better for you, and will prevent a sugar crash, which will leave your mind feeling numb after 4 hours into your essay writing.

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