Aika Online: Weapon and Armor Upgrade Overview

Reinforcing equipment is the act of upgrading it's stats. With each upgrade, you will gain a upgrade in attack power for weapons, and defense for armors. To reinforce items, you must visit the Alchemist in town.


Aika Upgrade System

To upgrade the items, Weapons require a Pellurite and armors require Rubicine. You will also have to use the corresponding ranking of the upgrade materials to upgrade the items. Rank F weapon requires Pellurite Rank F, Rank C Armor requires Rubicine - Rank C)

Rank F Pellurite and Rubicine can be bought at the general store. They can also be found at any rank on all monsters or as quest rewards.

Why do You Upgrade

Successfully reinforcing an item will add a +1 to the name and increase the appropriate stats such as attack or defense. Upgrades beyond the safety level will will warrant a higher stats gain. For armors, some damage reduction bonus will also be granted depending on the equipment. However, there is no additional bonus for weapons.

Safety Levels

Equipments have a safety level of upgrade. After the safety levels, the equipments will have a chance of downgrade (losing upgrade levels) and breaking which you will lose the item completely.

For normal equipments, the safety level is +3. Superior equipments have a safety level of +4. Honor equipments have a safety level of +3.

Upgrading in Game

The chance of breaking your item is fairly high that you will conduct many tries before reaching your goal. The game is setup so that your items have a higher chance of breaking instead of downgrade.

It is common practice for players to spend good amount of real cash in the game's cash shop in order to upgrade their equipments past +7 levels.

Cash Shop Enhancements

Cash shops sell Pellurite or Rubicine Extracts to help players with their upgrade endeavors.

To upgrade past the safety levels until +6 or +7, it is recommended to use normal extracts to protect against item breakage.

However, to upgrade past +7, it is recommended to only use the Enriched Pellurite Extract or Enriched Rubicine Extract because these also protect you against downgrade.

The chance of succesfully upgrade is fairly low to encourage players to spend more money in their cash shops. It is typical for players to spend upward of $30 to a couple hundreds to get top equipments in the server.

Weapon Glow

From upgrade level of +4 on, your weapons gain a pretty glow effect. It is cosmetic, which also allows other players to guess the stats of your weapons.

+4 - Faint blue glow
+5 - Blue glow
+6 - Strong blue glow
+7 - Yellow glow
+8 - Golden glow
+9 - Red glow
+10 - Pink glow
+11 - Purple-blue glow


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