Rift: Amazingly Rare Amazing Artifact of Amazing Rarity

Have you seen this? Amazingly Rare Amazing Artifact of Amazing Rarity

You get one of these babies when you hit 300 artifact collections turned in. Amazingly (no pun intended), this basically drops a little blue artifact down on the ground that anyone can pickup. Now what sux, is that it's got a 24 hour cooldown on use. Whats fun, is dropping one of these things in Warfronts, near the enemy respawn point - if you have an assassin rouge, then this is easy, stealth in, drop it, then Slip Away. Now when the other faction picks it up (hopefully you warned your side not to), then they will be followed around by a ghost, which can't be disspelled, not even by logging out.  😈 If we are lucky, a rouge will pick it up, and have his location flagged for the rest of the combat (or 5-10 mins, whichever comes first) with this "pet".

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Check out this video for more info on what the "pet" does.

 Tip: If you see a Blue Glowing artifact on the ground in a Warfront, DON'T pick it up. Otherwise, prepared to be trolled.

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